Industrial Light & Magic

Job Openings

Job Openings

Digital Production
 -Digital Compositor
 -Flame/Inferno Operator
 -Technical Directors
 -Computer Graphics Commercials Artist
 -Creature Developer
 -Digital Matte Painter
 -Digital Matchmover
 -CG Technical Assistants
 -Digital Rotoscope Artist
 -Digital Resource Assistant
 -Digital Resource Assistant
 -Digital Resource Analyst

Digital Technologies
 -Research and Development: Computer Graphics Software Engineer
 -Research and Development: Senior Systems Developers
 -Production Software Engineer
 -Macintosh Software Engineer
 -Digital Post Production Tech Support Engineer
 -Scripts/Tools Programmer
 -Manager, Information Systems
 -Systems Administrator (UNIX)
 -Systems Administrator (NT)
 -Systems Programmer/Administrator
 -Database/Systems Developer
 -Frontline Helpdesk Technician
 -Macintosh Desktop Technician
 -NT Hardware/Software Technician

 -Editorial Technical Assistant

 -Production Assistants

 -Previsualization/Animatics Artist
 -Visual Effects Art Director
 -Storyboard/Concept Artist

 -Accounting Supervisor-AR & Revenue
 -Financial Analyst

Human Resources
 -Recruiters (Contract)
 -Recruiting Manager

For a complete list, description and how to appy visit the ILM website at

Job Hotline (415) 448-2100

Internship Programs

Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound, divisions of Lucas Digital LTD. LLC, offer internships for highly motivated students who wish to pursue careers in visual effects and sound design for feature films and commercials. It's an opportunity to work in beautiful Marin County, California with a group of  talented teams that are doing incredibly creative work in a casual atmosphere that's dynamic and highly collaborative. Fortune Magazine recently included Industrial Light & Magic in the top 100 companies to work for in the United States.

This program will expose you to various stages of the post-production industry. You'll gain practical hands-on experience as you observe key creatives in the effects industry create the spectacular sights and sounds of the screen. You'll also hear the inside story from our award-winning artists through scheduled presentations and informal get togethers.

Due to production needs internship opportunities vary each session, but may be available in areas such as:

Computer Graphics
Digital Technologies
Sound Design
Human Resources
Public Relations

Some of Industrial Light & Magic's most successful employees b egan as intern; our program is an important part of their recruiting strategy and serves as a starting point for many of ILM and Skywalker Sound hires. Depending on the guidelines of your college program, you may receive college credit for the internship.


-Must be a junior, senior or graduate level student currently enrolled at an accredited college, university or graduate school and must be returning to classes full-time when the internship is over.

-Must have a 3.5 GPA in their major.

Download the ILM internship packet and application - Click Here


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