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  Screening Room #4

Artist: E
Alpha and Omega- Dark Blade

“This is my last drawing before I turn 18. Unfortunately people's expectations will be greater now that I've reached (almost) the incredible age of 18 (at least I get my driver's licence) ...life's tough. Anyway by the time this image will be put on display I'll probably be 18, so it's gonna be like a birthday present. Thanks Slade 4 ur idea! I'm sorry you can't enjoy the drawing's full detail- I had to reduce it's size a lot." ~E.

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April 22, 2001

Name = Diana Villanueva
Review = Good
Comments = You have got a really nice and original idea. it has... "atmosphere," I canīt explain it clearly. But I think it has two problems: 1. Thereīs a non-clear zone, where you canīt see whatīs flesh, and whatīs sword. 2. A beautiful head, but maybe... a bit small, donīt you think?

April 22, 2001

Name = Andre Alexander
Review = Good
Comments = You are showing very good draughting skills. Howver I find it a bit confusing in the story telling application.It could be because of the scaling down.

Feb 5, 2001

Name = Chris
Review = Great
Comments = This design shows excellent design skill! I love it ( even at the small size).

Feb 9, 2001

Name = Mihnea Manea
Review = Great
Comments = This image is one of the best I've ever seen. It's very cool.

Name = Matt
Review = Great
Comments = Sweet drawing!!

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