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Lights, Camera, Action!  When an artist has applied suggested changes to his/her image, the before and after picture of the image is displayed in this room.

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Artist:  Andre Alexander
Image: "Forest"

Original Image Before Critique


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After Critique


Vicki Tracy

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What are your comments about the before and after image?


June 13, 2000

Name:  Betty
Comments:  The second image is much easier to read. I'm not sure what is behind the trees on the first image, it looks like the profile of a wolf or it could be a mountain. In the second image with that area removed, all is brightened up with the beautiful rendering of the moon.

June 13, 2000

Name:  thebluegrayfox
Comments:  Wow! 
What a difference when one changes something.  I really like what you have done, but then I like the first image very much as well.  My thought is that your foreground lighting is to sunny.  The backgrounds in both images suggest moonlight.  Perhaps tone the lighting to more silvers or blue greys, moonlight shades.  Your stumps are still way too dark unless it`s meant to be a boulder in the shadows.  I still would like to see the whole little movie that this comes from.  :)

June 15, 2000

Name:  Andrew
Comments:  I think the later image is a big improvement! What WAS that huge mass behind the trees?! A rock? Mountain?  Anyway, it was not too clear and I'm glad you've gotten rid of it and made it clearer. The sky is much more presentable as well.

June 19, 2000

Name:  Sparky
Comments:  The second one is much clearer! I agree with the bluegrayfox, the foreground is too light. It's not so much that it's too light, but that it has too much color. This is night, right? So the colors should be more muted.

June 19, 2000

Name:  Stephie*
I miss the lil' twinkly star in the back.....   Stephie*.

July 23, 2000

Name:  Marsha
I am certainly not an expert, but I found both images beautiful. The first was more haunting and wistful. The second full of clear light like the kind you have on top of a mountain. The colors are stunning. I don't know by what criteria animation is judged so I don't know if what I said is appropriate or not.

July 23, 2000

Name:  c.h.
Yesss... there is too much color for a night scene, and the star really added something. I actually liked the land form in the background. It gave it a sense of sheltered secrets and memories.  -c.h.

July 23, 2000

Name:  Adrian
The second one is more successful because it seems to be trying to tell a story. Whereas the first one is facing the viewer flat, the 2nd pic makes the viewer wonder 'Why are the shadows there? Has something been discarded? Destroyed? By Who?' ... depending on imagination.
:) But it catches the eye, creates interest, and leaves an impression - which is exactly what you want to do when showing your portfolio around!