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Darkling Simulations Announces SimbiontMAX Release





Los Alamos, NM -- February 15, 2000 Software developer Darkling Simulations announced today the release of SimbiontMAX, its shader plugin solution for Discreet's 3D Studio Max.

SimbiontMAX allows Max users to tap into the power of DarkTree Textures,Darkling Simulations' stand-alone graphical procedural texture creation package. The SimbiontMAX plugin comes with a set of over 100 shaders ranging from stones, metals, and skins to animated special effects to beused as true procedural shaders (Map or Material) within 3D Studio Max.While SimbiontMAX users won't be able to create their own shaders without DarkTree Textures, the plugin allows for modification of each shader.

In addition, the company launched an online texture repository in December 1999 to augment their Simbiont product line by providing a free centralized resource for more shaders.  Shaders are continually submitted by DarkTree Textures users as well as added to by Darkling Simulations.  The Repository allows users to view thumbnails and descriptions before downloading individual shaders.


SimbiontMAX includes both Map and Material plugins in one file.  Both plugins support Object, World, and Explicit (UVW) coordinate mapping, with a scaling lock for quickly resizing a texture.  Animated darktrees are supported with full track view support.

The Map plugin can be used anywhere a standard Max Map can be used.  This includes all object surface attributes such as color, bump, luminosity, etc., as well as other Map-controlled parameters such as shadow and projector maps for unusual lighting effects.  The plugin supports Max's standard output rollout for remapping color values.

The Material plugin can be used anywhere a standard Max Material can be used.  It provides a simple one-step method to load fully defined DarkTree procedurals into Max, and supports advanced features such as NURBS displacement, transparency, reflectivity, and video post, as well as special features such as metallic highlights and clip maps. 

Pricing and Availability

SimbiontMAX has a list price of $79.95 and can be purchased directly from Darkling Simulations as an electronic download on their web site at  It installs as a demo that is fully functional except for saving.  To unlock the demo, users submit an online order form and receive a key and registration number via e-mail.

About Darkling Simulations

Darkling Simulations,, is a leading developer of procedural texture creation software.  Founded in 1995 by August Swanson and Skyler Swanson, the company won the Game Developer Conference's 1999 Frontline Award for its flagship product DarkTree Textures, a graphical system for designing procedural shaders. The company also develops plugins for several leading 3D rendering packages.  Darkling Simulations is located in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

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