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October 1, 1999 - Jedor Inc. has just released Viscosity 1.0, a revolutionary new software package that fuses the process of 2D image editing and animation into one application. Its powerful, yet simple-to-use interface, allows both novice and expert graphic designers to create, edit, and view animated graphics for web sites, video clips, and multimedia presentations.

Viscosity Sample image

With the emergence of higher speed Internet connections, the demand for quality web graphics and animations has increased dramatically. However, the software tools for creating these animations have not kept pace. Viscosity's extensive image editing and animation features allow graphic artists, web masters, and multimedia authors to create higher quality animations for today's Internet needs.

Viscosity differs from traditional image editing software by totally integrating highly visual animation tools, animated effects, and real-time playback directly into Viscosity's image editing workspace. "In the past, graphic artists and webmasters were forced to use two or three different software packages to create, animate, and publish animated web graphics," said Tony Jedlovsky, President of Jedor Inc. "With Viscosity, not only can you design higher quality web animations, but you can keep your animation projects more organized."

With this tight integration of image editing and animation, users are able to design larger sequences faster, while concentrating on the creative aspects of animation design. Viscosity's integrated animation features allow automation of repetitive tasks, common in the process of creating motion. And, at any time during the editing process, users can view the animation directly from within Viscosity to quickly locate and edit frames that may require further editing.

Viscosity is regularly priced at $179 US, available for purchase at Jedor's web site, or by calling 1-888-379-3232. As an introductory offer (until October 18, 1999), Viscosity can be purchased for $149 US.

Jedor Inc., an innovative software development company, is located in Waterloo, Ontario in the heart of Canada's technology triangle. It specializes in designing multimedia authoring tools and solutions for the Windows platform. For further information: Brian Orr at 1-888-379-3232 or (519) 725-4738, fax at (519) 725-3170, email at [email protected]


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