Fine Tuning TicTacToon

Version 2.3 perfects the art of paperless animation





(Sept 8, 1999) Montreal - Toon Boom Technologies Inc. is happy to announce that version 2.3 of TicTacToon is being shipped. Showcased recently at Siggraph '99, the latest features added to the TicTacToon system make it altogether the most exciting paperless animation package available.

This release of TicTacToon includes support for IRIX 6.5 and Wacom Intuos tablets.

A versatile vector based package, TicTacToon lends itself to a multitude of professional output possibilities. Appropriately, the production module in version 2.3 now lets the users customize and modify the aspect ratio of each scene at any stage of production.

Animating without paper has never been as natural or intuitive as with TicTacToon 2.3:  work on up to three levels of animation simultaneously, drag and drop entire columns of drawings with their cel names and timing to and from the Animation and Exposure Sheet modules, and quickly make order and timing changes in either module through insert, replace or append options.

Several newly implemented features make inking and painting with TicTacToon 2.3 all the faster and more efficient.  Draw paintable rectangular zones to close outer edges of any drawing.  Paint several zones at once with a new Stroke-Accross tool.  Use bounding box strokes to fill non-adjacent zones thanks to the new Paint Only Unpainted Regions Mode.

TicTacToon 2.3 unclutters and simplifies the Scene Planning of complex sequences with the new Show/Hide levels option in the Exposure Sheet and automatic reload feature in Scene Planning.

TicTacToon remains unique among 2D animation software on the market today.  Appropriately nicknamed the "Studio in a Box", this complete animation package offers all the tools and applications necessary to carry a production from storyboard to final output in a completely paperless environment.

Designed for the professional production house seeking to replace traditional production methods with an entirely digital system, TicTacToon offers the ideal paperless solution while respecting traditional animation styles and techniques. TicTacToon   is vector based, offering 100% resolution independence.

While TicTacToon is trail blazing toward the paperless revolution, it is by no means out of touch with the current needs of the 2D animation industry. TicTacToon  is still an excellent scan, ink and paint solution that can easily be integrated into a traditional production chain. TicTacToon 's vector technology offers the flexibility of combining scanned and paperless animation in the same digital environment.

Press Contact:   Karina Bessoudo
Director, International Marketing
Toon Boom Technologies Inc.
(514) 278-8666
[email protected]

Sales Contact:   Paul Girouard
Vice President Worldwide Sales and Distribution
Toon Boom Technologies Inc.
(514) 278-8666
e-mail: [email protected]



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