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August 1999 PiXELS, Inc. has shipped the latest version of its powerhouse, Macintosh 3D modeling and animation software.  PiXELS:3D version 3.1 updates the already widely popular PiXELS:3D 3.0 with faster performance and even more powerful tools and features. 3D experts and amateurs can also test drive the free internet download PiXELS:3D 3.1 Lite at

The new PiXELS:3D 3.1 update is packed with features of industry leading software packages, but at a fraction of the cost.  Professionals and new users can easily make eye-popping 3D models and animation with this intuitive software package.  Create 3D characters, environments, and presentations with realistic movements.

Among the professional features included in PiXELS:3D 3.1 are:

-Sophisticated Inverse Kinematics system lets you draw bones and create joints allowing for more fluid and realistic movements.

-Organic Modeling that out classes Infini-D and Strata 3D. Easily mold primitive objects like clay.

-MorphMaker allows for multi-target morphing.  Easily grab points on a face and control gestures with sliders.  You can mix slider groups to effortlessly create different facial expressions.

-Animation Timeline lets you control the acceleration and deceleration of objects. Every parameter of an object can be animated.

-Render quality is comparable to RenderMan™, using the same algorithm to provide warm textures.

-API plug-in architecture allows for use of more powerful plug-ins.

-Advanced trim surface tools.

Current users of PiXELS:3D should be excited by the 25% increase in performance, and even more sophisticated 3D tools found in 3.1. New users of PiXELS:3D 3.1 will be amazed by the speed, easy-to-use interface, and professional results. Version 3.1 comes with a detailed instruction manual and tutorials that walk you through the entire 3D modeling and animation processes, thoroughly and painlessly.

"Version 3.1 is the realization of my original vision a fully integrated animation, modeling and rendering system," says Andrew Bryant, Pixels founder and owner.  "The technology incorporated into Version 3.1 is incredibly complex. The challenge was to ensure that the user interface enhances creativity and spontaneity. Version 3.1 does this."

PiXELS:3D version 3.1 is free to all registered 3.0 users and sells for $699 to all others.  There's a competitive upgrade of $399 for users of version 3.1 Lite and older PiXELS:3D versions as well as other industry standards. 

System Requirements: Power Macintosh, System 8.5 or higher, 60 MB RAM dedicated to the 3D software, 16 MB hard drive space, 15-inch monitor.

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