PG Studio To Be Launched in September 1999

"Serves as Production Management Tool for Animators"





August 1999 - PG Studio, by Pepper's Ghost, is a new and innovative production management tool for cost effective delivery of computer based animation. The new product is aimed at animation producers, technical directors and anyone who needs to organise his or her creative animation work. The tool offers users a continuous overview of the production elements, accurate control of the schedule, and enhanced ability to deliver projects on time and on budget.

"The keys to PG Studio are felxibility and siplicity," says Paul Michael, PG Studios Managing Director. "The strength of the system is that it has been developed to understand industry practice."

PG Studio features

  • Script and storyboard breakdown into scenes, shots and frames providing a systematic structure for production management.
  • Organisation of production documents according to the script structure enabling easy access and control of any production.
  • Identification of production tasks from the script.
  • Allocation of production tasks to creative and technical staff.
  • Establishment of total task time within the schedule.
  • Immediate view of the impact of changes to the schedule and budget.
  • Compilation of a running production budget including staff and resource requirements.

PG Studio assists the production team in the analysis of scripts, the allocation and scheduling of production tasks, the directing and the budgetary control. PG Studio will effectively transform the company from a collection of individual artists into a full production environment capable of cost-effectively supporting major animation production work.

"PG Studio is unique in that it speaks to the creativity," says Ken Royall, PG Studio Project Manager. "It is story based, which is crucial to the organization of any project; and because it is story based, and competitively priced, it will work effectively for a large studio or a lone animator."

PG Studio is already the technological IT backbone of UK based Pepper's Ghost Productions. The company attracted major international partnerships with its slate of projects ranging from a pre-school series, 'Tiny Planets' to an adult gothic telefilm 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' using the latest 3D technologies.

PG Studio has been developed to enable PGP to deliver competitively priced animation series for television.  For more information or to receive a free introductory CD, email [email protected]

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