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Toy Story 2 Becomes Third Highest Grossing Disney Film Ever
(January 13, 2000) Toy Story 2 has become the third highest grossing Disney film ever, trailing only The Sixth Sense (also released this year) and The Lion King. The Sixth Sense (live action), still in theaters, has grossed $277 million while Toy Story 2 is at $220 million and fading. It is doubtful that Toy Story 2 will catch and surpass The Sixth Sense. Reigning supreme at #1 for Disney is still The Lion King, which grossed $312.8 million in 1994/1995.


Toy Story 2 Surpasses $200 Million
(January 2, 2000) On Saturday, Toy Story 2 became only the third film in the history of animation to reach $200 million at the Box Office. It shows little sign of slowing as it heads towards topping Aladdin's $217 million at the Box Office. It will probably fall way short of The Lion King, which made $313 million at the Box Office. To date, Toy Story 2 has made $205 million at the Box Office.


Latest Box Office Numbers Now Available Daily
(January 2, 2000) Animation Artist Magazine has opened a Box Office section of this Toy Story 2 Movie Site that tracks the movie's daily Box Office progress.
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Bloopers Added to Toy Story 2!
(December 23, 1999) Pixar and Disney have added a series of animated "bloopers" to the credits of Toy Story 2 . The blooper sequences can be seen starting December 25, 1999.


Estimates Place Toy Story 2's Opening at $80.5 Million!
(November 28, 1999) The estimates are in and by the time the money is counted from Sunday's Box Office receipts, Toy Story 2 should be at $80.5 million for its five day opening a record for any animated film. Its Friday to Sunday three day take is estimated at an astonishing $57.7 million. That's twice as much as James Bond: The World is Not Enough , which was estimated at $24.3 million for second place at the Box Office.


Toy Story 2 Breaking All Records!
(November 28, 1999) Toy Story 2 is breaking numerous records in its opening weekend as word of mouth and a very entertaining story has propelled the film to some of the highest numbers ever seen at the Box Office. Take a look at the first four days:

Wednesday: $9.5 million
Thursday: $13.2 million
Friday: $22.8 million
Saturday: $21.3 million

By the time Sunday's totals are in, Toy Story 2 will hold the highest five day total ever for an animated film, the best three day weekend for an animated film, and the best November opening ever for any film.


Toy Story 2 Racks in the Dough on Just One Screen!
(November 23, 1999) Last weekend Toy Story 2 premiered on just one screen and the result was a huge $300,163. Playing only at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood (in digital format), the $300,163 was good enough to place Toy Story 2 in the #24 position at the Box Office with many movies under it appearing on hundreds of screens! Tomorrow Toy Story 2 opens throughout the U.S. and is expected to bring in around $50 million in its first five days, according to analyst predictions.


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