TITAN A.E. SUFFERS WEAK OPENING (June 20, 2000) Titan A.E. suffered a weak opening weekend, bringing in $9.4 million for a fifth place finish. Some movie analysts had predicted an $18 million opening and Fox expected an opening around $14 million. Fox is now counting on summer recess to help boost the film during the weekdays. Fox knew it was gambling with Titan A.E. because it is directed at an audience (teenage boys) that is generally unfriendly to animated films.



June 16, 2000
$2.96 Million

June 17, 2000
$3.65 Million

June 18, 2000
$2.75 Million

June 19, 2000

June 20, 2000
$1.01 Million

Total to Date
$11.38 Million

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