Cale (left) and Akima flee a deadly pursuer, Drej's Mothership.

On the planet Sesharrim, Cale (left), Korso (middle)
and Stith (right) open fire against the attacking Drej.

Cale is a refugee and reluctant hero.

Akima is a beautiful and highly skilled pilot.

Cale (left) hovers above his place of emplyment...
the grungy salvage station Tau-14.

Trapped in the Drej Mothership prison, Cale (left)
and Akima (right) discuss their past and future.

Korso (left) and Cale (right) make a narrow escape in a weightless environment.

Cale (left) makes a poor first impression
with Akima, outside the spaceship Valkyrie

Earth is destroyed, starting the adventure through space
to find the secret to salvation for the human race.

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