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The Ape Man and Hero in Disney's Tarzan
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Clayton Gallery
Gorilla Gallery
Tarzan on a Limb
Out On a Limb
"Using tree limbs as a rapid transit system and the treetops as an observation post, Tarzan investigates the arrival of a group of strangers."
Tarzan and Porter
Civilization 101
"Curious to learn more about the new 'strangers' in his life, Tarzan is fascinated by the 'magic lantern' and other wonderful new things Porter has to show him."
Tarzan and Terk
Spotting Danger
"From their treetop vantage point, Tarzan and his gorilla pal, Terk, watch the approach of a deadly leopard named Sabor, who has entered their home territory ."
Tarzan and Sabor
Sudden Death
"Tarzan's skills as a survivor are put to the test, along with his bravery, when a blood-thirsty leopard named Sabor enters the gorilla camp in this climactic showdown."
Tarzan and Jane
Poised for Action
After rescuing Jane from a pack of irate baboons, Tarzan becomes curious when he hears gun shots in the distance.

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