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Tarzan's adopted Family in Disney's Tarzan
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Kala and gorillas in the tree
A Mother's Pride
"A tender-hearted gorilla named Kala joyfully watches as her adopted son, Tarzan, celebrates a victorious moment."
Terk and Friends Trashin' the Camp
Trashin' the Camp
"Tantor the elephant joins Terk and the other gorillas in a cacophonous jungle jam session using objects in Porter's camp as their instruments."
Terk and Tantor
Party Animals
"Terk, a fun-loving gorilla, and a neurotic elephant named Tantor look on in disapproval as their pal, Tarzan, starts spending more time with his new human acquaintance, Jane."
Terk and gorillas in Camp
Going Ape
"Tarzan's gorilla pal Terk and her musical mates trash the human campsite to the sounds of a wild jungle jam session."

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