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Songs by Phil Collins  Score by Mark Mancina
Phil Collins - Song Writer
Phil Collins wrote and performed all the songs in Disney's Tarzan animated film.  He is one of today's most popular vocalists, songwriters and performers and has been hailed by fellow musicians as one of the very best drummers in the world.  As a winner of six Grammy awards he has a stellar career.  Not only is he a great musician but he is a superior actor, appearing in HBO films like, And the Band Played On, and Buster.  Currently  he is launching  his enormously successful solo career after taking a break from being frontman and drummer for the band Genesis of 25 years.
Mark Mancina - Score Composer
Mark Mancina is a Grammy Award-winning composer, who was assigned to write the bold scores in Disney's Tarzan.  He has written scores for such motion pictures as Con Air, Twister, Money Train, Assassins, Bad Boys and Speed.  Other Disney films include The Lion King, where he arranged, produced and provided vocal arrangements for several of the songs, and went on to compose the continueing album Rhythm of the Pride Lands.  He's Grammy awards were for the excellent scores in The Lion King, both the animated film and the broadway musical stage version where he wrote additional songs and scores.


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