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Pokemon: The First Movie Review
by John Howell

I have seen this movie with my two boys aged 12 and 10 with and one of their friends also aged 12. The only hit I can give this movie is the death of the scientists at the beginning of Pokemon the Movie. My son aged 10 said "Hey that's the first time some one died in a Pokemon show" (not counting the times Ash Ketchum has died and been resurrected) these guys died for keeps. Other than that there were some funny scenes through out both Pikachu's Vacation and Pokemon the Movie. I don't know where the other reviewers seen this movie but in the theater that I watched it, I thought the kids enjoyed it. I kept watching this one parent in the front row to see if she laughed at the same scenes as well. She did and seemed to enjoy the movie with her children as well.

Folks if you have kids that are into Pokemon (trading cards, cartoon series, Gameboy game, N64, etc) do your self a favor and take them to see this flick. At the end there is a moral lesson that seemed to go over all of the reviewers heads so far, and that is the message about senseless fighting, which is good coming from a Pokemon show.

As far as the animation goes it wasn't bad, I will give it 2 notches above the TV show and that's from some of the CGI that was incorporated. Not a bad showing from a obvious in house Japanese production.

I, as a parent, would see it again with my kids. Just once more only. Then we'll wait for the video.

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