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Pokemon: The First Movie Review
by Eric Lurio

I get it now. Cockfighting and dogfighting are illegal, but a TV show about cockfighting with funny animals instead of chickens or pit bulls, not to mention no blood, is just the thing for kiddies. Right?

Forgive me for being a bit nonplused, but I've never really watched the TV show, or played the video game. So this is my first real experience of the trend du jour for Gen Y. This is, quite frankly, the most hypocritical movie of the year.

This is in fact a double feature, a twenty minute short called "Pikachu's Vacation" and an hour long feature called "Mewtwo Strikes Back." The first is about a holiday camp where Pikachu and his friends get to get out of their prisons and play with each other, thereby letting mommy and daddy drift off to sleep while the kiddies watch in rapt attention. This is supposed to be a comedy, but the kids only laughed twice. It's the kind of thing little kids love but grownups can't tolerate very well.

It's the feature that's infuriating. It begins a secret lab somewhere off the coast of wherever the TV show takes place. The evil scientists have cloned the rarest pokémon of all, Mew, and with some improvements, they have created Mew2, who is self aware, philosophical, and having discovered at the moment of his birth what is going on, destroys the lab and vows revenge, which is entirely understandable.  He is in fact the most sympathetic villain in many a year, especially in a cartoon. I hate it when the villian is absolutely right!!!

Meanwhile our old friends, Ash(Veronica Taylor), Brock(Eric Stuart) and Misty(Racheal Lillis) are having lunch, when some schnook challenges Ash to a fight. Out come the pokémon from their prisons, and beat the crap out of each other while Jessie(Racheal Lillis), Meowth(Adam Blaustein) andJames,(Eric Stuart), the comic relief bad guys from Team Rocket look on. After Ash wins, a flying pokémon delivers an invitation from "the greatest pokémon trainer in the world" to a tournament. The five people and their beasties head off through a storm to get to the island. There is one good joke.

Okay, so far so good. But of course, when they get to the final battle, all the trainers are standing around saying "Oh, how horrible! Fighting is bad!" Which is true, but do you think they're going to stop when they get back to the TV show? NO WAY IN ****!!!! Hypocrisy hypocrisy hypocrisy!!!!

I know, it's for little kids. We can't take this all that seriously. The fans will like the film. The animation is better than your run of the mill TV show, there is action and some suspense, but Geez!


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