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Fun Fact #1:  An animation short called "Pikachu's Vacation" staring Ash's furry pal Pikachu will be accompanying the animated Pokemon feature film.  Here you will meet two brand new Pokemons, Snubble and Marill.

Fun Fact #2:  Pokemon The First Movie originated in Japan and had to be literally reimagined for the American audiences. Nintendo (who owns Pokemon rights here in the USA) contracted 4Kids Entertainment to be in charge of  "Americanizing" the movie.

Fun Fact #3:  Pokemon The First Movie has a rewritten storyline and a new soundtrack that is different than the Japanese version.

Fun Fact #4:  A second soundtrack for the movie will feature some of the hottest-selling young recording artists on 1999, including M2M.

Fun Fact #5:  Pokemon debuted as a video game with Game Boy. The ever growing popularity of Pokemon sparked it to come out in comic books and in turn made it to the shelves with it's own line of toys and trading cards. In a short amount of time it became an all time hit as a television kids show.

Fun Fact #6:  When the movie opened first in Japan it surpassed Godzilla at the Japanese box office and scored fourth in total sales for the year.

Fun Fact #7: A new Pokemon is introduced in the movie named Donphan.

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