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Princess Mononoke Loses Screens and Drops at the Box Office

(November 24, 1999) Princess Mononoke dropped 41% over the Nov. 20-22 weekend, placing #31 at the Box Office. It brought in $142,479 on 41 screens. Even though the movie expanded into some new theaters, a number of theaters also dropped it, causing it to go from 47 screens to 41 screens. In the meantime, Disney's Toy Story 2 premiered on only one screen and made an astronomical $300,000 to place 24th at the Box Office.

Final Princess Mononoke   Box Office Numbers for Nov. 12-14

(November 15, 1999) The final weekend Box Office numbers for Princess Mononoke are in. Over the weekend (November 12-14), Princess Mononoke made $243,040. to place 26th at the Box Office. The movie is playing on only 47 screens and has a per screen average of $5,171, which is the fifth highest per screen average out of the top 30 movies. The $253,040 it made this past weekend is a 37% drop from the prior weekend. In its first three weeks of limited release, Princess Mononoke has made $963,310. It is unknown if Miramax considers these numbers good or bad and what the plans are for a possible wider release of Princess Mononoke.


Online Petition Formed to "Save Princess Mononoke" Posted

(November 15, 1999) An online effort to "Save Princess Mononoke," by getting it released nationwide, is underway with a petition aimed at getting Miramax to open up the distribution of the film, which has received rave reviews by most critics. The petition states, "We, the undersigned fans and moviegoers, request that Miramax give the film Princess Mononoke the nationwide release it deserves. If this film is released to a theater within reasonable traveling distance, I would go see it."

As of 11:30 AM PST today there were 465 signatures on the petition. For more information and to view or sign the petition, click here .


Final Princess Mononoke Opening Weekend Numbers Released

(November 3, 1999) The final numbers were released on Tuesday for the opening weekend (limited release) of Princess Mononoke. The movie played only on eight screens throughout the U.S., bringing in $144,446 to place 33rd at the Box Office. However, the per screen average for Princess Mononoke was a hefty $18,000 which was good enough for second place (out of the top 60) in per screen average. First place went to Being John Malkovich , which had a per screen average of $25,509.

This coming weekend, Princess Mononoke will open in an additional 15 cities.


Release Schedule for Princess Mononoke Made Public

(October 27, 1999) Here is the planned limited release schedule for Princess Mononoke, which is only being released to 21 cities in the U.S. and one city in Canada:

October 29, 1999
Los Angeles
New York
Toronto, Canada

November 5, 1999
St. Louis
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
Washington D.C.

November 19, 1999

Check your local newspaper for theaters and times in the above cities. Miramax has stated that if Princess Mononoke is a huge success, then it may be launched nationwide.

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