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Billy Crudup..........as Ashitaka
Billy Crudup was born in 1968 and wanted to be anything but an actor when he grew up!  But as fate would have it, he graduated at The University of North Carolina with a Master's degree in Fine Arts and became a great actor. Now for the first time Billy is doing a voice in an animated feature and his debut happens to be Princess Mononoke.  Here he is the voice of a young  warrior, Ashitaka.  "What I really like about Ashitaka is that he's an unexpected hero. He's not your usual wild, brave guy. He's really just a young, earnest man who's trying to lead a valuable life and protect his village," says the actor. "He follows his instincts."

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Claire Danes...as San (Princess Mononoke)
Claire was born and raised in Manhattan, and at nine she began studying fine arts at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. By the time she was eleven, Claire had landed her first film role. Now just before entering Yale as a freshmen, she steps into the spirit of animation by bringing to life the Princess Mononoke herself, San. "I have always been attracted to coming-of-age stories" says the young actress, "and San is very much a young woman coming to terms with who she is. At the same time, I was terribly excited to be in a movie with a strong heroine who is fearless and physical and nobody's victim.  I jumped at the opportunity to embody a warrior princess."

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Gillian Anderson.........as Moro
Gillian Anderson, the famous actress who stars on "The X-Files" as special agent Dana Scully, now gives Moro, the wolf goddess and adopted mother of Princess Mononoke her voice. Gillian has been a long time fan of Hayao Miyazaki's work and was one of the first to be recorded  for the movie. Gillian knew what to expect from the Japanese master —and still was delightfully surprised. "It's such a spiritual film," she said. "The look is so stunning and the characters are so rich and layered. And I was very excited to try to capture the wisdom and maternal loyalty of a 400 year-old wolf watching over the forest."

Minnie Driver.....as Lady Eboshi
Minnie Driver is not new to animation voice-overs.  You heard her talented voice in Disney's Tarzan as the voice of Jane.  Now Minnie takes on a new kind of role, the industrialist survivor in Princess Mononoke, Lady Eboshi.  Minnie was drawn to the challenge to play  the reverse role of her own belief system. "I was interested in the challenge of playing this woman who supports industry and represents the interests of man, in terms of achievement and greed," the actress responded. "I thought it would be really cool to portray a way of thinking that I don't necessarily agree with — to look for the heart inside Lady Eboshi."

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Billy Bob Thornton....as Jigo Boh
Billy Bob Thornton is a talented actor, director and screenwriter. He will be next seen in "Daddy and Them," which he wrote, directed and stars in for Miramax Pictures.  Billy Bob was raised in Malvern. As a child his interests were split between music, acting and sports.  But it wasn't until he first saw Elvis Presley movies, he knew that he wanted to be a movie star or a rock-and-roll singer, thus started his famous pursuit.  In Miramax's Princess Mononoke , Billy Bob is the voice of Jigo Boh, the shrewdly pragmatic monk who crosses paths with Ashitaka on his journey.
 Jada Pinkett Smith...............as Toki
Jada Pinkett Smith was born in Baltimore, MD in 1971. She studied at Baltimore School for the Arts for high school.  Jada has proven herself to be one of today's most versatile and gifted young actresses.  Her most recent role includes the title character of "Woo," co-starring with Tommy Davidson.  She captured the heart of the very famous actor, Will Smith and they were married last New Year's.  Jada now brings her voice-acting talent to Princess Mononoke as the voice of Toki, the gutsy brothel-worker turned iron worker who takes a liking to Ashitaka.


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