The year is 1957. The month is October. The United States is in an interesting period of time. The space race has begun (in October 1957, Soviets launched the first man-made satellite, Sputnik, into orbit), the Cold War is getting worse, and rock 'n roll, along with television, is invading America. In the middle of all this confusion is a nine-year-old boy named Hogarth. He is a boy with an imaginative mind and an adventurous spirit. For fun, Hogarth often pretends that he is defending the planet against aliens. Then, one day, that imagination is captivated by a fisherman's rumor that he saw a 50-foot robot fall from the sky and into the ocean. Everyone thinks the fisherman is crazy, but Hogarth. To Hogarth it sounds like a whole new adventure in search of The Iron Giant.... 


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