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"I have seen the movie Iron Giant in a Sneak Preview and I must say that this is the first animated film that I have seen that I will go see again, and again, and again. The story is awesome, and intact through out the movie. The comedy was well timed and made this movie totally hillarious. The giant was animated with the greatest care in detail and motion. I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it for all ages." -- HelixDaKat


"I saw the movie at a special screening today (July 31) and agree completely with the previous comments. Iron Giant is a spectacular movie, the first animated film I've seen in a long time that truly affected me emotionally without resorting to cheap tricks. To clear any confusion, this is not a musical at all. The only music comes from Kamen's score, and old songs that are being played on records, in a diner, etc. While the animation is not on the level of Tarzan or the Prince of Egypt, it is still well very done, and adds a sort of nostalgic 50's comic book feel that is perfect for the setting and style (and unlike Tarzan, all of the elements, characters, backgrounds, and even the CG robot and vehicles, blend together seamlessly). The story is truly a marvel, mixing the action and humor expected in an animated film (and quite effectively, I must say) with wonderful characters and complex themes and imagery. I truly hope this film becomes a success both critically and commercially, so that more original films like this one (and hopefully some like we've never seen) will be attempted in the future. My sincerest thanks to Brad Bird and his crew for making this film, and also to Warner Brothers for taking a risk that has definitely proved worth it." -- Ian Dale


I was fortunate enough to watch an early screening of Warner Brother's The Iron Giant at the Mall of America on Sunday and I was truly amazed.

Great background music...NO SONGS!!  Oh JOY!!  The first wonderful aspect.

Similar to Disney but a bit more stylized.  Somewhat like a retro comic, which has been said before about the movie.

Hogarth the boy:  I liked his simple design and that he had red hair instead of the usual blonde or black.  By focusing on only a few main characters throughout the movie, I was really able to believe and even envy the character of Hogarth.

The Iron Giant: What a fantastic character!  So much depth!  Easily the most astounding and well-rounded 3D character in a traditionally animated film   much better than the Hyrda in Hercules and eons beyond the ogre in Quest for Camelot.  The creators and animators of the robot are true geniuses.  I don't want to give too much away for those who haven't seen it. ...but for one thing, the speech tone of the giant from his first word he speaks to his last word he speaks is clever.  His 'transforming' is very crisp and truly magnificent.  His interaction animation with Hogarth is unmatched.

The best thing about the robot you'll have to see for yourself, because I know few people have seen it.  I was blown AWAY by the 'twist' of the robot's true 'form' and 'identity'.  It left me speechless!!!

Additional characters: The other characters played a significant role in the film and were used with the utmost of intelligence.  I never got sick of one character throughout the movie.

The Story: was immaculate!  It was better than any Disney story to date, in my opinion.  I loved The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, but this story was even more heart-warming because the end decision by one of the main characters had a significant affect on more than just their own life.

Unbelievable.  Warner Brothers has finally arrived as a big name in traditional feature film animation Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers.  They have redeemed themselves after Quest for Camelot and The King and I.  The character animation was extremely tight very expressive for the style being used and I saw some tricks not used by even Disney.

Throughout the end of the movie I was waiting for the 'Disney tingle' where I feel my heart tugging in my throat and fight the urge to shed a tear.  I felt it not once, but two or three times.  During these moments, I declared Warner Brothers an animation giant.

The Iron Giant is easily an A+ in my grading system. I can't wait for other people to see it to hear their thoughts...

- Tontrell Jackson

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