The Iron Giant Non-Spoiler Review

Animation Artist Non Spoiler Review of The Iron Giant
The Iron Giant is one of the most unique animated films you will ever see because it breaks many of the traditional "rules" applied to animations and does so successfully. You won't find singing in The Iron Giant, nor will you find cute talking animal sidekicks. The characters in The Iron Giant are intelligent, creating humor from situations instead of from stupidity (i.e. you won't see any clumsy and stupid characters like Professor Porter in Tarzan). While some aspects of The Iron Giant are predictable, many aren't, leaving room for quite a few surprises. We think at least one surprise is in store for Warner Bros., who may have underestimated the potential this film will have at the Box Office. Word of mouth will definitely play its role in the success of The Iron Giant.

The animators that worked on The Iron Giant did an excellent job with perspectives throughout the film. The giant truly comes off as huge and intimidating.

The background music score in The Iron Giant is excellent, creating a tense atmosphere right from the beginning as The Iron Giant immediately launches into an action sequence (like Disney's Tarzan did).

Even though The Iron Giant is rated PG (for intensity), it comes through with some great morals, particularly those of choosing your destiny of goodness.

So does The Iron Giant have some weaknesses? Yes, but those weaknesses are very minor. There are some very rough transitions at the beginning (like going from Hogarth in the cafe to him suddenly at home) and a side romance being developed was rather quick and unconvincing. But these are minor when compared to the big picture.

The Iron Giant should thrive with repeat business. The film successfully reaches both adults and children. When leaving the press screening, we overheard two adults talking about the film, one saying "I can see that movie over and over again." That tells us that kids won't have to tug to hard to get the parents to go back. It's a rare feat when an animated film can reach both children and adults without insulting the intelligence of the adults. The Iron Giant has conquered that feat.

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