Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is The Iron Giant rated?
Answer: The Iron Giant has been given a PG rating by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Question: Why was The Iron Giant given a PG rating?
Answer: The MPAA rated it PG for "fantasy action and mild language."

Question: Who directed the movie and what has he/her directed in the past?
Answer: The Iron Giant is directed by Brad Bird. Bird has worked on many animation projects, including TV projects like "The Simpsons" and "King of the Hill."

Question: Is this an original story?
Answer: No. The story comes from a book (called "The Iron Man") published in 1968 by British Poet Laureate Ted Hughes, who passed away last year while The Iron Giant was still in production. Brad Bird and the rest of The Iron Giant team have changed many aspects of the book, including the addition of new characters.

Question: What state is the story set in?
Answer: Maine.

Question: What exactly is the story about?
Answer: The story is about a nine-year-old boy who discovers a 50-foot robot and tries to save the robot from being captured by government agents.

Question: Is it true that the characters don't sing in The Iron Giant?
Answer: Yes, it is true. There are, however, a couple of background songs used to enhance the scenes. No characters sing during these songs.

Question: Any additional tips on this movie?
Answer: Animation Artist magazine has a section called "Upcoming Animated Movies" with a page dedicated to tips that were submitted (and checked) regarding The Iron Giant.
Click here to access that page.

Question: Is there a soundtrack to The Iron Giant?
Answer: Yes. The soundtrack comes out on August 3, 1999. Click here to order it ($12.99).

Question: Where can I get the book?
Answer: The book, by Ted Hughes, was renamed in the US from "The Iron Man" to "The Iron Giant." It is a children's book and can be purchased here for $9.60. This is the 30th Anniversary edition that was published in May 1999.

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