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Eli Marienthal Voice of Hogarth
Eli Marienthal is the Voice of Hogarth...
Hogarth Hughes
a nine year old boy who dreams about saving the world from aliens.  When he finds a 50 foot robot in his backyard it's up to him to save the iron giant from the government!  In the process Hogarth teaches the robot to speak and what it's like to be human.  Marienthal, a young actor (Jack Frost, and Slums of Beverly Hills) is a native of the Bay Area of California, where he studied at the East Bay French American School and at the prestigious American Conservatory Theater's Young Conservatory.
Vin Diesel Voice of the Iron Giant  Vin Diesel is the voice of the Iron Giant...The Iron Giant

the 50 foot robot that Hogarth finds.  With an BIG appetite for metal, and eyes that change color according to his mood, he becomes best friends with the little boy.   The robot is somewhat of a transformer and has the heart of a child. It's up to Hogarth to teach this huge robot how to use his size and power for good and to  respect  human life, but can Hogarth do it before the government destroys his newly found friend?  .  Diesel is a New York native, whose been acting since the age of seven.  He majored in English at Hunter College and  began writing screenplays (Mulit-Facial).    Upon viewing this screenplay, Steven Spielberg created the role of Private Carpazo for Diesel in his Oscar-winning Saving Private Ryan.  The actor/filmmaker (Pitch Black) is currently developing Doormen, an original screenplay based on his experiences as a bouncer in New York City, which he plans to direct and star.
Jennifer Aniston Voice of AnnieJennifer Aniston is the voice of Annie...Annie Hughes
Hogarth's mother, who works hard as a waitress in the local diner. As a single mom, she's cautious with a trusting nature and strong moral fiber. She is Hogarth's friend as well as family and is always trying to keep up with her adventurous son's next move. .  Aniston, the famous actress currently stars in NBC's TV sitcom, "Friends".  Aniston is the daughtor of actor John Aniston, and started her acting career at age 11 when she joined the Rudolf's Steiner School's drama club.  Later she graduated at New York's High School of Performing Arts in 1986.  Some of her many starring roles include:
Office Space, The Object of My Affection, Picture Perfect and She's the One.
Harry Connick, Jr. Voice of DeanHarry Connick, Jr is the voice of Dean...Dean McCoppen

who's a combination between a beatnik, artist, and a junk yard owner who sees art where others see junk. He's got a jazzy, creative energy that encourages people to think for themselves. His laid-back, freewheeling attitude is nicely tempered with a unique sense of humor. He becomes  Hogarth's close human friend and finds out there's a lot he has in common with the nine year old kid..  He is both an award-winning recording artist and a highly successful actor.  At age 10, Connick recorded his first song with a home town jazz band, and at 19 released his first album   He has won many awards including one gold,  four multi-plantinum albums; two Grammy's, and an Emmy.  His most recent movie was in Hope Floats starring opposite Sandra Bullock. 
Kent MansleyChristopher McDonald...

is the charming voice of Kent Mansley, the manipulative, ambitious government agent sent to investigate the Iron Giant. With sleazy charm and a secret agenda to boost his own career, Kent is hot on Hogarth's trail to get the information he needs. Believing he has proof of the Iron Giant's existence and eager to make his reputation, he calls in the military to protect the townspeople from the threat he perceives in the Giant. McDonald is a talented actor who has done many movies as well as television roles including; SLC Punk, Lawn Dogs, The Faculty, Thelma and Louise, The Quiz Show and Flubber. His television roles include the adaptation of Leave it To Beaver, and Veronica's Closet .  McDonald's future projects include Requiem for a Dream and Universal's The Skulls.  On television he's working on the new CBS drama Family Law, which premieres this Fall.
John Mahoney is the Voice of General Rogard
John Mahoney Voice of Gen. Rogard 

The Army General

Cloris Leachman is the Voice of Mrs. Tensedge
 Cloris Leachman Voice of Mrs. Tensedge

The School Teacher

James Gammon is the Voice of
Foreman Marv Loach and Floyd Turbeaux

M. Emmet Walsh is the Voice of
Earl Stutz

Additional Voices
Jack Angel, Robert Bergen, Mary Kay Bergman, Michael Bird Devon Borisoff, Rodger Bumpass, Robert Clotworthy
Jennifer Darling, Zack Eginton, Paul Eiding, Bill Farmer Charles Howerton, Ollie Johnston, Sherry Lynn
Mickie T. McGowan, Ryan O'Donohue, Phil Proctor
Frank Thomas, Patti Tippo, & Brian Tochi

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