Fantasia 2000


Fantasia 2000 : Visions of Hope
by John Culhane, Roy E. Disney

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This book is filled with tons of information on the making of this film plus excellent illustrations of the production process from initial ideas to finished production stills.

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Walt Disney's Fantasia
by John Culhane

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Reprinted on the eve of the long-awaited sequel Fantasia 2000, this is the definitive book on the Walt Disney Studio's most ambitious masterpiece. Noted film historian John Culhane tells the story behind the creation of Fantasia, using never-before-published material and a wealth of memorable illustrations, including actual frames from the classic film. 280 illustrations, 130 in full color, 911/4 x 1133/4"

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Fantasia 2000 Soundtrack

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  The pieces on this CD are all amazing compositions, but the Chicago
  Symphony Orchestra's performances of them take the music to a higher level.

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