DreamWorks Pictures' The Road to El Dorado

The movie, The Road to El Dorado, is a story about two young men in this comedic tale of friendship and great adventure.

Tulio and Miguel are a couple of two-bit con men, they believe they have found the treasure and fortune when they win a old map to El Dorado, the legendary city of gold.  Unfortunately, through turn of events, the two friends find themselves locked in the brig on a Spanish ship The Cortes.  With the help of a clever horse Altivo, the two men escape and manage to come across the legendary city of gold, El Dorado.  Thinking their troubles are over, they find that they are just beginning.

The evil high priest, Tzekel-Kan announces to the tribe that Tulio and Miguel are gods!  He plans to use them as a diversion to take power away from the Chief. It isn't a easy trip for our heros and they find that they must turn to the aid of the beautiful native Chel, who matches them con-for-con. And even though they have achieved their dream of gold and fortune, their friendship and the very fate of El Dorado hang in the balance.

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