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Quotes by Joe Tracy, Publisher of Animation Artist Magazine and author of
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"Dinosaurs are the most majestic creatures that ever lived on Earth.
They are so fascinating because they lived thousands of years ago, walking
on the same land we walk on today and breathing the same air we breathe"

"When you talk about creatures like Unicorns, Dragons, and Pegasi you are speaking
of mythical creatures. When you talk about dinosaurs, you are speaking about something
that was real, powerful, majestic. If dinosaurs walked the Earth today, we'd probably
stand in awe looking at them like someone from deep in the jungles visiting New York for
the first time, staring at the skyscrapers. Movies give us what we can't see in real life."

"Movies like Jurassic Park and Dinosaur bring the dinosaurs back from extinction, giving us
a true feel for just how majestic these creatures really were."

"The Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios is neat because it places you right in the
dinosaur universe. Every time I go to Universal Studios I go on that ride at least six times
just to see the dinosaurs."

"Disney's Dinosaur movie is going to quickly become a blockbuster just because of the interest
people have in seeing dinosaurs. And in the movie, there are no humans. It's just back to back
dinosaurs that look real. It's just a shame they have to talk!"