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Box Office Results

Opening Weekend
Oct 6-9, 2000 (21 screens)

$278.2 Million

Total $278.2


CyberWorld, Imax Inc, Partners with Zeocast
(Oct 4, 2000) Zeocast, the premier site for personal broadcasting, where consumers can create, star in and broadcast ZeoFlicks -- self-generated content that can be shared via an e-mail broadcasting interface -- has partnered with leading entertainment companies to deliver its interactive, rich-media promotional platform to online users.

Zeocast has already launched a major interactive online promotion with Imax Ltd. for the upcoming release of ``CyberWorld,'' a radical collaboration of computer-animated films featuring new characters and old friends from ``The Simpsons'' and ``ANTZ,'' allowing audiences to experience 3-D like never before! Zeocast will create an interactive animated ZeoFlick that will be highly integrated into the ``CyberWorld'' online campaign, posted on and sent to the ``CyberWorld'' e-mail fan base.

``We are pleased to be working with Zeocast on a project that will bring a greater level of interactivity and excitement to the `CyberWorld' online campaign. Zeocast's technology matches well with the all-around Imax experience because it allows fans to interact, create and star in their own `CyberWorld' ZeoFlick,'' said Michelle Hagen, vice president of World Wide Film Marketing, Imax Ltd.

CyberWorld to Hit IMAX Theaters October 6, 2000
(September 21, 2000) CyberWorld, the animated adventure making new and old animated characters larger than life, will premiere in IMAX theaters across the U.S. on October 6, 2000 with a handful premiering it on October 3. A list of theaters showing CyberWorld will soon be posted here on the Animation Artist CyberWorld Movie Site.

In CyberWorld, a character named Phig takes you on a tour of Cyberworld, but is interrupted by three computer bugs threatening the digital world. Havoc breaks out as Phig tries to preserve the gallery so that future generations of visitors, like you, can see the work.

CyberWorld Trailer Released Online
(September 21, 2000) A trailer for CyberWorld has been released and we have it for you to view. Click here.

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