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Here are what critics are saying about Chicken Run:

Jay Boyar of the Orlando Sentinel - "Much of the charm of Chicken Run derives from its delightful characters, who give new meaning to the term 'chick flick'...Like the better Muppet movies, Chicken Run works for both kids and adults. The children will enjoy the antics of these funny animals while the grown-ups will respond to the scattered, sophisticated wit..."


Chris Vognar of the Dallas Morning News - "Unlike the recently released Titan A.E, in which you can practically see a suit putting a gun to Don Bluth's head with instructions to make a movie for adolescents, Chicken Run feels like a pure product of its creators' imaginations. The key is that those imaginations know no age limit: Chicken Run is clever and sophisticated enough to appeal to discriminating parents, yet endowed with enough comical wonder to keep the kids giggling on the car ride home..."


Joe Baltake of the Sacramento Bee - "As a fantasy for adults, Chicken Run is quite wonderful - at least, if you can prod an adult to condescend and see a stop-motion animation made of clay. But with the Tweedy farm looking like something out of Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List (1993), with chicken coops resembling bunkers and fencing topped with barbed wire, children are likely to be either confused or freaked out..."


Shawn Levy of The Oregonian - "There's a refreshing homemade quality to the sets and the characters that makes the film as endearing as Babe or Toy Story yet never overwhelms you with technique...It's a purely winning film that will amuse grown-ups with its allusions to classic live-action war films just as it captivates the kiddies with the sheer nutty spectacle of fearless chickens risking their feathers for a taste of glorious freedom."


Michael Wilmington of Chicago Tribune - "If you've ever longed to bust out of your coop, ditch that chickenfeed job and fly off to explore the world beyond the hill, then Chicken Run is probably just your animated cup of British tea. An instant stop-motion puppet classic from Nick Park and his Aardman animation cronies - the inspired British crew who gave us that well-loved man-and-pooch team, Wallace and Gromit - the movie is a bizarre, thrilling, warmly funny spoof of the WWII Steve McQueen prison camp thriller, The Great Escape remade for a near all-chicken cast."


Mark Halverson of the Sacramento News & Review - "Chicken Run is a wry, egg-farm version of The Great Escape. It's an ingenious, G-rated claymation adventure set on a 1950's English poultry ranch...It makes references to many films including Stalag 17, Modern Times, The Flight of the Phoenix, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Its characters are expressive and engaging, and the film has much in common with the blend of fantasy and reality that made Babe so richly rewarding..."


Nina Garin of the San Diego Union-Tribune - "...There's hardly ever a lull in the action, which is heaven to parents with young children. And while the movie is packed with fall-down jokes and one-liners, there are also deeper moments for grow-ups. This balance of the absurd and the human makes the hens in Chicken Run more lovable than, yes, those singing mice from Babe."


Bruce Westbrook of the Houston Chronicle - "Aardman delivers the most consistently entertaining animated film in years, without any of the self-conscious formula and musical grandstanding of Disney and Disney wannabes. Call it quaint, but stop-motion animation works. It has served movies well since the silent era, and it remains effective now -- perhaps especially..."


Jay Carr of the Boston Globe - "The animation sweepstakes are ramping up, what with Dinosaur, Fantasia, and Titan A.E. Now room must be made for Chicken Run. The question here is whether the Aardman gang headed by Peter Lord and Nick Park could sustain the claymation wave they launched with Wallace and Gromit and their other shorts. The answer is yes. It's amazing how much life they can breathe into a load of clay..."


Steven Rosen of the Denver Post - "Some of Chicken Run's best verbal humor will be over kids' heads and it may even fly over the heads of American adults not up on English sensibilities. But the cheeky humor is a strength of the movie. If only the story were as plucky..."


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