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An Inside Look at Chicken Run
By Joe Tracy

DreamWorks has struggled with its animated films, each one (ANTZ, Prince of Egypt, and The Road to El Dorado) performing less than desired and each one with a "PG" rating. That is bound to change, however, with the release of Chicken Run, a "G" rated family film that follows the adventures of talking chickens trying to escape their "prison." Click here to read the entire feature.

Chicken Run - The Maze

By Vicki Tracy

Haven't yet made it to Universal Studios Hollywood to walk through their newest attraction featuring Chicken Run? Click here to get a quick glance.

Chicken Run - Story & Characters
By Vicki Tracy

Read a summary about the story, how it was developed and get a glimpse at each character. Click Here

A Look at the Chicken Run DVD
by Joe Tracy

Take a look at the new Chicken Run DVD and all its special features.

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