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July 2000

I Can't Wait! (July 14, 2000)
Hi! I can't wait to see the movie Chicken Run!! I know that i will wait for a long time, because I live in Brasil, but I really hope that the movie will come here with the original voice, I will hate to here someone else talking in Mel Gibson's place!! I know the movie will be as good as the Wallace & Gromit films!! Keep doing this wonderful work!! ~ Sheila

June 2000

Hilarious Fun! (June 23, 2000)
We went to see Chicken Run in Seattle yesterday, and had a fine ol' time! The individualized characters, action, and thrills-a-minutes made this the best film of the season. We sneered at people lining up for the Nick Cage _Gone in 60 seconds_ or whatever. _Chicken Run_ is definitely for the brainfully engaged. It was Stalag 17, Shoah and Hill Farm all wrapped up in one nifty package. ~ Stu and Andi

It's a Scream! (June 20, 2000)
I can't wait to see Chicken Run! I watch the trailer over and over again. I love the way the artists make the chicken's mouths. Too funny! Just looking at the pictures in the gallery crack me up. :) I will probably be laughing through the whole the movie so much I'll cry. Now I want to see all the animations done by these artists. Great work! ~ Celticharp

Highly Original Movie (June 18, 2000)
I have already judged from your website that this is a highly original movie indeed! Nobody has ever thought of choosing chickens as the stars of a movie, let alone in stop-motion. I hope it will save Dreamworks from the past animated movies that lessened their expectations. ~Andrew K.

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