Question: What type of clay was used to make the chickens in Chicken Run?

Answer: According to Nick Park and Peter Lord, "The clay we use is English. 'Plasticine' is the trade name. I think you can still buy it in England, at art shops and toy shops... Easily put, Plasticine is 'modeling clay.'"


Question: Was there an aspect of Chicken Run that was more challenging than the others?

Answer: According to Nick Park and Peter Lord, "The timing is frustrating. The amount of time it takes and the amount of energy that goes into every single aspect... The most frustrating is spending three days on the shot and something goes wrong - a light blows or a computer that controls the camera crashed - things you can't really control..."


Question: Was there any CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) in Chicken Run?

Answer: Yes. CGI was used sparingly, but was included in a few scenes like one where it rains (the rain is CGI). CGI was also used to correct some problems that would be too costly (time wise) to reshoot. For example, if a leaf falls off a tree in a scene, the computer can put the leaf back on.


Question: When does Chicken Run open in the UK?

Answer: June 30, 2000


Question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Answer: Be sure to continue watching Chicken Run after the credits to help you decide which truly came first.


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