Animation Artist Privacy Statement





Animation Artist Magazine is committed to strict privacy standards and the protection of any information gathered from visitors to the Animation Artist Magazine Website.

Animation Artist Magazine has created this privacy statement as a demonstration of our firm commitment to the privacy of visitors.

The following contains information regarding privacy issues on the Animation Artist Website as they relate to information gathering, posting, or third party participation.

Interactive Areas Where Visitor Information May be Gathered or Viewed:
Message Boards (Voices in Animation) is one of the interactive public areas that the Animation Artist Magazine Website offers to registered visitors. Please remember that any information that is disclosed in these message boards becomes public information. You should exercise caution when deciding to disclose any personal information.  Being able to post in the Voices of Animation Message Boards requires a registration. This information is not divulged to any third parties. It is highly protected information that is never publicly shared. Your email address may be used for Animation Artist to contact you regarding Voices in Animation announcements only if you allow it. Your email address will never be given to any third party.

Every once in awhile, Animation Artist Magazine may post a link to another Websites (i.e., news article). Animation Artist Magazine is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Websites.

One third party ad vendor does use cookies to make sure that you don't see the same advertisement twice during your stay on the Animation Artist Website. Some of the services offered on the Animation Artist Magazine Website, but not scripted by Animation Artist Magazine, may use cookies for interactive functions. This includes voting programs that use cookies to make sure there is only one vote per person per day. It also includes Voices in Animation so that it can show you new posts since your last visit. While some third party services deploy cookies for interactive features, Animation Artist Magazine does not deploy cookies.

Website Statistics
Visitor IP addresses are logged as part of the daily Website statistic gathering. This is a common occurrence on the majority of Websites. It is used only for the accurate reporting of statistic information.

Animation Artist Magazine is dedicated to your privacy and we hope that this privacy statement is a testament of our privacy commitment.