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Question: Do you have a privacy statement?
Answer: Yes. Click here
to read it.

Question: I have a question for your FAQ that I don't see covered. Where should I send it?
Answer: Email your question to [email protected]

Upcoming Films (click here to access)
Question: If I submit a tip, do you guarantee that I'll remain anonymous?
Answer: Yes. We encourage you to let us know what nickname you want to be referred to (i.e. "the tipster"). Otherwise, we will assign one for you.

Question: What is the difference between your Upcoming Films sites and Movie Sites?
Answer: The Upcoming Films sites deals with rumors or tips regarding upcoming films. An Upcoming Film site opens as soon as we hear about a new site. The Movie Site is a much more comprehensive look into a film, usually opening one to two weeks before the film hits the big screen. The Movie Site doesn't deal with rumors and tips, only facts.

Screening Room (click here to access)
Question: How do I submit an image for your screening room?
Answer: Click here
for submission instructions.

Question: How often are images changed?
Answer: Images are changed once every 2 - 3 months or as demand (new incoming images) requires.

Inside Animation (click here to access)

Question: What if I want to be a regular columnist?
Answer: Regular columnists submit one column a month and get their own section. If you wish to be a regular columnist then please submit your column idea and samples of your work to [email protected] for consideration. Columnists must be very dependable and consistently produce one article a month.

Events Calendar (click here to access)
Question: How do I get an event listed in your Events Calendar?
Answer: Email the information (what, where, when, etc.) to [email protected]

Voices in Animation (click here to access)
Question: Why are some words censored in the Voices in Animation forum?
Answer: Animation Artist Magazine is a family safe site. That means that we are recognized as a Web site that is safe for kids to surf (as well as adults). Because Animation Artist is family safe, we are required to follow some "kid-safe" rules, one being to censor certain words.

Question: How do I post images in the Voices in Animation forums?
Answer: There is an entire FAQ for Voices in Animation that will answer that question and many more. Click here to access that FAQ.

Interviews (click here to access)
Question: I have always wanted to see an my favorite animator/artist interviewed, do you take suggestions?
Answer:  Yes, once you email us your interview suggestion at [email protected] , we do all we can to get an interview with that individual person.

Question: Do you take freelance work for interviews that have already been conducted?
Answer: Yes, we do. Submit the completed interview, for consideration, to [email protected]. If we use it, you will be credited and a link will be provided to your Website from the interview.

Tutorials ( click here to access)

Question: What types of tutorials do you accept?
Answer: The tutorial can be written to help people achieve a technique with any animation package or graphics program like Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, etc.  Animation Artist also accepts second publication rights for tutorials that have already been printed in other publications or Web sites.

Features (click here to access)

Question: What types of features do you accept?
Answer: Features should be an in-depth look at a studio or animation project, movie, event or theory.

Movie Sites (click here to access)
Question: How long do your movie sites stay up?
Answer: Currently there are no plans to ever remove any of the movie sites. Since the movies aren't temporary, our belief is that the sites we create on the movies shouldn't be temporary either.

Question: Are these the official sites for the movie?
Answer: No. But we do try to make the sites more informative than the official movie site and we update movie sites often to keep them fresh.

New Products (click here to access)
Question: I know of a new product you should cover. Where do I email the information to?
Answer: Email the information to [email protected]

Question: What type of new products do you cover?
Answer: Any product that relates to animation (traditional, computer-generated, and claymation).


To submit a question for this FAQ, email it to [email protected]

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