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Chicken Run:  Hatching the Movie

Chicken Run : Hatching the Movie
by  Brian Sibley

Here's the complete story of the making of this epic adventure. The book takes readers inside England's magical Aardman animation studio, where animators make movies (at a rate of four seconds per day) out of bits of clay, metal, paper, and wood. Based on extensive interviews with acclaimed directors Nick Park and Peter Lord and their gifted team of stop-action animation artists, and reproducing a wealth of visual material, the book is the next best thing to spending every day for three years building and playing with model chickens!
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Step-By-Step Guide to Painting Realistic Watercolors

Step-By-Step Guide to Painting Realistic Watercolors
Dawn McLeod Heim

In 10 beautiful painting projects, Dawn McLeod Heim instructs readers with each stage of creating a watercolor painting, even which colors to mix and what values to use. Large, full-color photos illustrate not only what artists need to do, but also how the painting should look like at the end of each step.
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The Art of 3-D Computer Animation and Imaging:  Computer Animation and Imaging

The Art of 3-D Computer Animation and Imaging : Computer Animation and Imaging ( 2000, 2nd Edition )
by  Isaac Victor Kerlow

Lavishly illustrated, this second edition includes color images from such recent films as Blue Sky Studio's Oscar-winning short, Bunny, and from Pixar's short, Geri's Game . The rendering techniques used in Bunny and the animated cloth techniques used in Geri's Game are discussed, as are topics like advanced modeling, lighting, and shading and surface characteristics. Advanced animation concepts such as motion dynamics, procedural animation, crowd animation, and interactive animation are covered in chapter 12.
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The Art of 3-D Computer Animation and Imaging:  Computer Animation and Imaging

  Fushigi Yugi : The Mysterious Play : Oracle
Yu Watase

Transported by the book The Universe of the Four Gods, Miaka, a Japanese schoolgirl more interested in snacks than studies, continues her adventures in a mythical ancient China. Miaka is saved from the Imperial Guards when she is proclaimed to be the Priestess of Suzaku. But now she must deal with the lovestruck Emperor and the ire of his would-be bride.  In addition to the unfolding narrative, the end of each chapter includes Watase's letters to her readers that discuss everything from her thoughts about manga.
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Fireworks 3 Bible
Fireworks 3 Bible
Joseph W. Lowery, Simon White ( Contributor )

Written by Macromedia insider, Web design expert, and best-selling author Joe Lowery, this definitive, 100% complete handbook and reference for Fireworks 3 covers hot new Fireworks features including integration with Dreamweaver, scriptable automation and commands, combined actions and history palette, symbols library, new JavaScriptability and more! Completely updated for Fireworks 3, and many new chapters added to help you get spectacular results.
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Digital Photography Bible
Digital Photography Bible
by Ken Milburn

Book review not available

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Color of Money, Sea of Love, Night and the City:  Three Screenplays
Color of Money, Sea of Love, Night and the City : Three Screenplays
by  Richard Price

Introduced with a revealing interview of Price by the critic Neal Gabler, this volume includes Price's screenplays for The Color of Money (1986), which starred Paul Newman and Tom Cruise and won an Academy Award nomination for best screenplay; Sea of Love (1989), which starred Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin and became a major critical and commercial success; and Night and the City (1992), which starred Robert De Niro and Jessica Lange and again attracted rave reviews for Price's screenwriting.
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The Patriot:  The Official Companion

The Patriot: The Official Companion
by  Richard Price

South Carolina, 1776 at the start of the American Revolution, one man struggled with the upheaval of political independence and his own secret past. The making of this dramatic film about war and family is all captured in The Patriot, The Official Companion. Starring Mel Gibson, Tom Wilkinson (Shakespeare in Love), Chris Cooper (October Sky), and Jason Isaacs (Armageddon), and directed by Roland Emmerich (Independence Day), The Patriot is the story of America on the threshold of war. Complete with stills from the set, special in-depth interviews with the cast, director and producers, and information on how the Smithsonian Institute helped oversee the production for historical accuracy, this book is a visually stunning keepsake of the movie.
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