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Web Marketing Applied:  Web Marketing Strategies for the New Millennium

Web Marketing Applied : Web Marketing Strategies for the New Millennium
by Joe Tracy

You have a Website, now what? For maximum effeciency you need Web Marketing Applied, by Internet marketing guru Joe Tracy. This 300-page book keeps its focus on Web marketing, complete with offensive strategies, defensive strategies, public relations tips, branding, and more. Chapter 2 alone contains 101 specific Web marketing ideas.
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Ethernet : The Definitive Guide
by Charles E. Spurgeon

Ethernet is a core networking technology used by every high tech business. While the basic protocols have changed little, new options such as Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet have increased the complexity of the topic.
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The Non-Designer`s Web Book:  An Easy guide to Creating, Designing, and Posting Your Own Web Site

The Non-Designer's Web Book: An Easy Guide to Creating, Designing, and Posting Your Own Web Site
by Robin Williams & John Tollett

The Non-Designers Web Book is geared to the person who has no background in design or the World Wide Web, but who still wants to participate in this communications explosion. You will learn easy-to-understand information about graphics, layout, and creating WWW pages
. This beginner's guide to creating appealing Web pages provides easy-to-understand information on graphics, layout, and developing Web pages, with tips on helper applications, plug-ins, clip art, fonts, and more.
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The Complete Website Kit (Box Set)

The Complete Website Kit (Box Set)
by Holzschlag, Molly E. Holzschlag & Lisa Schmeiser

Aimed at site developers and site managers, this two-part book set provides a primer on the technical and design skills that make producing/maintaining a quality Web site on short deadlines a much more efficient process. The accompanying CD-ROM has sample Web sites from the book, plus shareware tool for Web developers
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Creating Killer Web Sites, Second Edition

Creating Killer Web Sites, Second Edition
by David Siegel

Master the art of third-generation site design Creating Killer Web Sites was the first true design book for the Web. It has taught an entire generation of site designers how to get control over their pages. It shows, in practical terms, the fundamentals of design applied to the Web. It has updated information covering new tricks and techniques for use with the latest browser releases is integrated throughout the text. Four-color, stunning design and examples of the best Web sites.
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Elements of Web Design

Elements of Web Design
by Darcy Dinucci, Maria Giudice & Lynne Stiles

 Introduces traditional designers to the opportunities and pitfalls of Web design. Assuming readers understand traditional design issues but not the specific demands of the Web, this book includes chapters on every step of assembling pages - from pulling together a team with the appropriate skills, to choosing the right design formats, to creating contracts with clients to reflect the ever-changing nature of Web pages
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Creative Web Design:  Tips and Tricks Step by Step

Creative Web Design : Tips and Tricks Step by Step
by Michael Baumgardt

In this book, he offers a detailed guide and numerous tips and tricks on how to design eye-catching Web pages. His book touches also the use of JavaScript, Shockwave, Cascading Style Sheets and Audio, which are commonly overlooked in other Web Design Books. He also focuses on how to create the information architecture of web sites, which is one of the most important factors of successful web sites.
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Web DesignWow! Book:  showcasing the Best of On-Screen Communication

The Web Design Wow! Book: Showcasing the Best of On-Screen Communication
by Jack Davis & Susan Merritt

  Packed with award-winning, real-world examples of Web sites and CD-ROMS with the very best interfaces. Step-by-step explanations show designers the concepts behind creating clear and engaging interfaces. The cross-platform CD-ROM includes most of the projects covered in the book, along with demo versions of the leading multimedia tools from Adobe and Macromedia.
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