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The Ray Dream Studio 5.0 Handbook

The Ray Dream Studio 5.0 Handbook
by John W. Sledd

Get up to speed with Ray Dream Studio 5.0 in no time with this completely updated version of the bestselling "Ray Dream Handbook." With this collection of tutorials, tips, and techniques from Ray Dream professionals, readers will learn everything they need to know for creating spectacular 3D graphics.
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Ray Dream Studio for Windows & Mac

Ray Dream Studio for Windows & Mac
by Richard Kahn & Andre Persidsky

"Ray Dream Studio 5 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide" is the ideal companion for users in both beginners and professional users. The book, which covers Ray Dream Designer and Ray Dream Animator, leads the beginning student step by step through creating 3D objects, using shaders to apply materials to them, then setting up and lighting a scene. Additional chapters walk the reader through animating the image for a Web page, video output, or multimedia.
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Ray Dream Studio 5.0 FX

Ray Dream Studio 5.0 FX
by Shamms Mortier

This resource provides extensive and up-to-the-minute coverage of RayDream's wealth of 3D options. Step-by-step tutorials and ten original projects show how to deal with all of RayDream's modeling capabilities and animation effects. The book also offers advice on using RayDream 5 with other complementary software applications. The CD contains demos from Fractal, MetaTools, and other well-known developers; plug-in demos, utility demos, and apps; complete tutorial files; and more!
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