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Of Mice and Magic:  A History of American Animated Cartoons

Of Mice and Magic : A History of American Animated Cartoons
by Leonard Maltin

Mr. Maltin does a wonderful and comprehensive job of outlining the history of animation from the Silent Era, to the Golden Age, to a few subsequent years thereafter. Not only does the book chronical the different animation studios, he also gives a brief work history of the most influential animators of the time and gives us an inside view of the animation industry through personal interviews with them.
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That's Enough Folks : Black Images in Animated Cartoons, 1900-1960
by Henry T. Sampson

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Cartoons:  One Hundred Years of Cinema Animation

Cartoons : One Hundred Years of Cinema Animation
by Giannalberto Bendazzi, Anna Taraboletti-Segre ( Translator )

Over a hundred years of film animation, from its invention in France in 1888 to modern times, enlivens a historical account of animation's technical developments and achievements. This represents the first detailed history of cinema animation produced around the world, with divisions by major filmmakers and national cinemas and strong coverage of over 2,000 animators.
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Walt in Wonderland : The Silent Films of Walt Disney

by Russell Merritt, J.B. Kaufman

There are plenty of  books on the films of Walt Disney.   This tome's different, though. It's a serious look at the silent films Disney made in the 1920s before he revolutionized the industry with the first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie. Its first section affords an incisive critical overview, showing  these early, often pedestrian "apprentice" films--
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Before Mickey : The Animated Film 1898-1928
by Donald Crafton

This witty and fascinating study reminds us that there was animation before Disney: about thirty years of creativity and experimentation flourishing in such extraordinary work as Girdie the Dinosaur and Felix the Cat. Before Mickey, the first and only in-depth history of animation from 1898-1928, includes accounts of mechanical ingenuity, marketing and art. Crafton is equally adept at explaining techniques of sketching and camera work, evoking characteristic styles of such pioneering animators as Winsor McCay and Ladislas Starevitch.
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Animation Art : The Early Years 1911-1953 (Schiffer Book of Collectors)
by Jeff Lotman, Jonathan Smith

Animation art is among the most popular contemporary art forms.
With nearly 6800 pieces of animation art illustrated in this exciting book, most in color, Jeff Lotman covers the early period of animation, from the founding of the Winsor McKay Studio in 1911 to 1954.  The art illustrated was offered at auction, which means that it is in the marketplace, an important fact for collectors.
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