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Stuart Little: The Movie and the Moviemakers, The Illustrated Story Behind the Amazing Film

Stuart Little: The Movie and the Moviemakers, The Illustrated Story Behind the Amazing Film
by Linda Sunshine (Editor), Rob Minkoff (Introduction), M. Night Shyamalan

How did they do that? Stuart Little: The Movie and the Moviemakers answers that question in stunning detail. Including the shooting script, and illustrated throughout with photos, paintings, blueprints, line drawings, computer graphics, and footnotes, this book explains how the movie incorporates groundbreaking visual effects technology in the realm of photo-realism by the artists and innovators \ of Sony Pictures Imageworks.
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Batman:  The Complete History:  The Life and Times of the dark Knight

Batman : The Complete History : The Life and Times of the Dark Knight
by Les Daniels

Les Daniels covers it all-from Batman's creation and runaway success in 1939, to the campy antics of the Adam West TV show, to the emergence of Frank Miller's very disturbed and very dark Dark Knight, to the billion-dollar movie franchise and beyond. Illustrated with archival comic book art and rare Batman paraphernalia, Batman: The Complete History also includes a comic book story colored by animator Bruce Timm especially for this book.
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Peanuts:  A Golden Celebration

Peanuts : A Golden Celebration
by Charles M. Shultz, David Larkin ( Editor )

Charles M. Schulz has been cartooning for an astonishing 50 years (the "Peanuts" strip itself debuted October 2, 1950, but he drew an earlier incarnation called "Li'l Folks" before that).This is a remarkable collection of strips spanning that time period. Readers get to see the first appearance of Linus, Marcy, Pigpen, and Woodstock, and even the momentous first time Lucy holds a football for Charlie Brown to kick. Schulz comments on the cartoons and his inspirations via notes in the margin.
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Reading the Rabbit : Explorations in Warner Bros. Animation
by Kevin S. Sandler ( Editor )

This is a great book for anyone who likes warner brothers animation. This book covers many interesting topics that you normally wouldn't think of. Some on the topics cover Gender Evasion of bugs bunny, African-American:Images and portrayal, temporary Disneyfication of Warner cartoons and fans verses Warner Brothers.
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The Warner Brothers Cartoons
by Will Friedwald,Jerry Friedwald, Will Beck

Eight years before publishing their masterpiece "Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies...", Friedwald and Beck teamed up for "The Warner Bros. Cartoons". This book lacks illustrations and the text is less informative than in the later work, but it does have concise reviews or plot synopses of every Warner's cartoon released between 1930 and 1969.
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Felix:  the Twisted Tale of the World`s Most Famous Cat

Felix : The Twisted Tale of the World's Most Famous Cat
by John Canemaker

John Canemaker has the rare gift of bringing the human side of great animation to life. He is at the top of his form in this book, which follows the story of Felix the Cat from his creation by Otto Messmer through the present day. Very highly recommended for anyone interested in Animation in any form whatsoever.
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Warner Bros.  Animation Art:  The Characters, the Creators, the Limited Editions

Warner Bros. Animation Art : The Characters, the Creators, the Limited Editions
by Jerry Beck, Will Friedwald ( Contributor ), Warner Bros. Cartoons.

Published to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Warner Bros. Studios, this album features authentic animation art of everyone's favorite characters. More than 300 color illustrations trace the evolution of the uniquely American art form through the development and growth of the Warner Bros.
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the Art of Space Jam

 The Art of Space Jam
by Charles Carney, Allen Helbig

Book review not available.

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The Prince of Egypt:  The Movie Scrapbook

 The Prince of Egypt : The Movie Scrapbook
by Thomasine Lewis & Tommi Lewis

Part scrapbook, part behind-the-scenes book, this is a colorful exploration of the characters, the story, and the making of The Prince of Egypt. Readers can revisit memorable characters and key scenes from the film. They'll meet the real people behind the scenes, who talk about their craft and show how the film was created--from storyboards to animation techniques to voice-overs and more. Personal anecdotes, fascinating trivia, and lively design add to the fun. Packed with drawings, photographs, and other source material.
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The Iron Giant

  The Iron Giant
by Ted Hughes

"The Iron Giant: A Story in Five Nights" is soon to be a full-feature animation film. Although this is not a behind-the-scenes look at the movie, here is the book that inspired the movie.

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Invasion America

 Invasion America
by Christie Golden

David Carter thinks he's just an ordinary boy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Revealed to be of royal heritage as the son of an alien prince and a human woman, David is now destined to lead the defense of Earth against hostile conquerors from the distant planet of Tyrus. But this will prove to be no easy task, as the Tyrusians are already here--and have managed to infiltrate the highest echelons of power!.
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Invasion America:  On the Run
 Invasion America : On the Run
by Christie Golden

This second novel in the series takes place before the birth of young hero David Carter, and tells the story of his parents--his alien father and human mother.

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The Making of the Rugrats Movie:  Behind the Scenes at Klasky Csupo
 The Making of the Rugrats Movie : Behind the Scenes at Klasky Csupo
by Christie Golden

Book review not available

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The Prince of Egypt:  A new Vision in Animation

 The Prince of Egypt : A New Vision in Animation
by Charles Solomon

 Dedicated to exploring the behind-the-scenes making of DreamWorks' first animated film, the book is a gorgeous compilation of artwork, from preliminary sketches to final product, that demonstrates the complicated process of bringing cartoon characters to life. There's a short section at the end containing information on such topics as the music, the layout, the story, and the animators. This lush, beautiful book will appeal both to fans of the movie and readers with a more general interest in animation.
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Batman Animated

 Batman Animated
by Paul Dini, Chip Kidd, Bruce Timm

From the award-winning writer/producer Paul Dini and acclaimed designer Chip Kidd comes the book featuring the behind-the-scenes story of the hit show that revolutionized TV animation and brought a stunning new look to the legendary Caped Crusader. Full color.
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