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Opens: On Hold

Company: Foundation Imaging

MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated (PG-13 Expected)

Description: Foundation Imaging is seeking to produce one of the most ambitious fully-3D action projects ever with Vortex. The film is directed by John Allardice and created by Ron Thornton and Steve Berg. The script is being written from the viewpoint of a live action film then transcribed into animation via a “anything is possible” approach. One focus that Foundation Imaging takes in this “aliens attack Earth” adventure is realistic and convincing acting by the animated characters to the point that some people may forget the characters are fully 3D! You can read more about Vortex in the Aug/Sep 1998 issue of NewTekniques magazine.


(December 7, 1998) Thanks to the LightWave Theater event at DCC / NewTek Expo 1998, Animation Artist magazine has learned more information regarding the storyline behind Vortex. The movie, currently scripted to be over two hours in length, is about a special Earth taskforce having to fight an advanced alien race with the help of an alien defector seeking sanctuary.

(January 20, 1999) NewTekniques magazine has given Animation Artist magazine permission to post the introduction to the Vortex article, by Greg Nelson, that appeared in the Aug/Sep 1998 issue of NewTekniques: “When it comes to using LightWave 3D [a 3D animation program], Foundation Imaging in Santa Clara, CA has always been on the leading edge. They´re now working on a new project that´s going to change everything — Vortex. Vortex is a full-length feature film and unquestionably one of the most ambitious LightWave projects ever undertaken. Using completely LightWave 3D generated sets and characters, Vortex tells the story of V-Force, a covert military operation whose task is to save an Earth secretly under alien siege...” Our thanks to NewTekniques for allowing us to post the intro into the Vortex article.

(January 22, 1999) Animation Artist magazine has obtained Vortex pictures from Foundation Imaging! The picture at the top and those below are copyright by Foundation Imaging and may not be reproduced elsewhere without expressed written permission of Foundation Imaging. These Vortex images are used with permission. Enjoy!

(January 26, 1999) Two more pictures of Vortex have been added!

(April 9, 1999) Vortex will be released in Fall of 2000 and is being produced by “Revenge Productions, Inc.,” a wholly owned subsidiary of Foundation Imaging. Here’s some more official information: “The setting for Vortex is the mid-21st century. With the help of Lt. Esteban (part of a secret military unit called V-Force), archaeologist Cynthia Harford and her daughter, Amy, must find a hidden artifact to save mankind from a demonic alien race that was recently transported to Earth.”

(February 2, 2000) Animation Artist Magazine has received a tip that production of Vortex has been haulted/cancelled. Our requests to Foundation Imaging to confirm or deny this have so far gone unanswered.

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