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Opens: Late 2001

Company: DreamWorks and PDI

MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated

Description: DreamWorks and PDI have started preproduction work on their third joint 3D animated movie. Tusker is the adventure of a group of elephants who must escape the dangers of everyday life, including poachers.


(May 6, 1999) We’ve received some excellent information from one of our regular and reliable tipsters nicknamed “Cory.” According to our tipster, “the planning boards are all set to begin late-mid May. A few ‘cast’ members (voices) have been chosen. Many of the voices are expected to be veteran or new actors. The few whom I have heard rumor as being a part of the film are Julie Andrews; she was offered a job as part of Monsters, Inc. (Pixar’s next movie) as one of the evil monsters in the movie, but had to turn the part down due to her voice loss, and the part required some singing for a song called ‘Fear.’ Andrews if hired for the part will play a motherly/older elephant who in this movie is poetic and has many good one-liners. James Coburn is also being part of the movie as a older, wise and yet stern elephant who will be placed in the movie for comic relief. Melinda Kanakaredes from NBC's ‘Providence’ is to be the role a young and beautiful elephant. Shirley Maclaine is also a possibility is a pushy and grouchy elephant and last but not least is Dylan MacDermott is the possible candidate for the youthful and scared leader of the herd...But last but not least Bernadette Peters is definitely going to be in this film her character is close to the last female character Sophie from Fox's Anastasia, Peters will play a character named Concetta who is a vain, and selfish parakeet that hangs around with Maclaine's character. Four songs are scheduled for the movie, but no word is what they will be named.”

(March 28, 2000) “Concerning the movie Tusker, Tim Johnson and Brad Lewis, both from 'Antz', will direct.” ~ Tip by Darth

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