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Reliability of Tips


The majority of tips posted to the “Upcoming Animations” section of Animation Artist magazine are fairly reliable. Animation Artist magazine researches tips received before posting them to help increase that reliability. Only approximately 50% of the tips submitted are ever published. The other 50% are deemed “unreliable,” “inaccurate,” or “need further research.”

Animation Artist magazine cannot speak for the authenticity and reliability of any tips, but will do its best to make sure the reliability is as high as possible. While Animation Artist magazine is determined to present accurate tips, there is no guarantee that the tips are 100% accurate or will happen as published. Characters, stories, and facts can change often and sometimes tips that may have been accurate when submitted lose accuracy as changes are made to animated movies. Animation Artist magazine will do its best to keep up with these changes.

Some of the artists who work on animated features do submit tips to Animation Artist magazine. To protect those sources we don’t release their name or the name of companies they work for or companies listed in the tips they submit. An example of this can be seen in a Planet Ice (Titan A.E.) tip posted on January 29, 1999.

If you work for an animation company, Animation Artist magazine would appreciate a correspondence with you, even if it is simply to help confirm or reject tips received. Animation Artist also appreciates communication on aspects of animated movies that is already public knowledge and not necessarily “inside tips.”


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Tip Reliability


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