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The Recess Movie


Opens: Feb 16, 2001

Company: Disney

MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated (G expected)

Description: The school year is finally over, and TJ Detweiler is looking forward to a fun-filled summer. Boredom quickly sets in however, until he uncovers a scheme to do away with summer vacation! Former principal Dr. Benedict, who once tried to eliminate recess from the school day, now plans to use a laser beam to alter the weather and create permanent winter. It sure would be tough to have to go to school year-round, so TJ calls in all his friends for help. Just when the kids appear to be facing their final test of strength against the mad educator, the faculty joins together in order to help save summer vacation.

Crew Talent:

  • Chuck Sheetz - Director
  • Paul Germain - Executive Producer & Creator
  • Joe Ansolabehere - Executive Producer & Creator
  • Denis M. Hannigan - Music Score/Composer


Denis M. Hannigan Brings Music to the Playground

Prolific animation music Composer Denis M. Hannigan scores Recess: School's Out. The award-winning composer has written music for many of today's most popular children's TV series including Recess, CatDog, Rugrats, Beakman's World and Adventures in Wonderland.

Hannigan's score for Recess: School's Out covers the gamut from patriotic with Kazoo-renditions of "Bridge Over the River Kwai" and (officially sanctioned by Roy Disney) "When You Wish Upon A Star." Besides remakes of classics, Hannigan also produced and arranged several songs for the film and the album soundtrack (released on Walt Disney Records) Including a new rendition of the Lemon Pipers' hit "Green Tambourine," sung by lounge legend Robert Goulet. He also recorded Operatic pieces for the film.

Recess: School's Out, the feature film based on the top-rated Saturday morning TV series, finds lead character TJ Detweiler (Andy Lawrence) left with a lonely summer as all his friends go away to camp. Noticing an eerie light emanating from the empty school, Detweiler decides to investigate. His concerns dismissed as imagination by both his parents and the local police, he turns to curmudgeonly Principal Prickly (Dabney Coleman). After an electric storm dematerializes the principal as he unlocks the school gate, TJ summons his friends Spinelli, Mikey, Vince, Gretchen and Gus back from their camps to help solve the mystery.

Hannigan's previous feature films include the animated CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery as well as live action films The Girl Nest Door, FoxHunt and The New Shaggy Dog. For television, he has scored over 300 episodes, many honored with Emmy, Cable Ace and other awards. Hannighan's extensive work reflects his international musical background. The composer spent his early years in China, where he became proficient in oriental musci and woodwind instruments. He was a member of the famed musical group, Mother Goose. Returning to the US, he spent several years studying Latin music and other ethnic instruments, then to UCLA's Film Scoring Program under the direction of Don B. Ray (Hawaii Five-O).

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