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Osmosis Jones


Opens: 2001

Company: Warner Bros. Feature Animation/Live Action

MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated (PG expected)

Description: Warner Warner Bros. Feature Animation has begun production on Osmosis Jones, a half & half (live action & animated) feature-length comedy-adventure set in an entirely new realm — that of the human body. Osmosis Jones is a hip, visually arresting adventure set entirely inside a construction worker named Frank Detomello — and referred to as The City of Frank. A sarcastic, street-smart white blood cell — Osmosis — teams up with a by-the-book rookie cold tablet to fight off an evil virus out to destroy The City of Frank. As Osmosis and his tablet partner zoom through the bloodstream on their make-or-break mission, trying to prove that one cell CAN make a difference, the human body is presented as an amalgamation of offbeat and broadly funny characters -- an unexpected environment for a totally new kind of buddy picture. Warner Bros. has so much confidence in this animated feature that they have ordered 13 TV episodes of it that will begin airing after the movie premieres.

Crew Talent:

  • Tom Sito - Director of Osmosis Jones
  • Piet Kroon - Director of Osmosis Jones
  • Zak Penn - Producer of Osmosis Jones
  • Dennis Edwards - Producer of Osmosis Jones
  • Mark Hyman - Writer of Osmosis Jones

    Animator Talent (including past accomplishments):

  • Tony Fucile (Mufusa - The Lion King)
  • Duncan Marjoribanks (Sebastian - The Little Mermaid)
  • Dave Brewster (Ramses - The Prince of Egypt)
  • Wendy Perdue (Hogarth’s Mom - The Iron Giant)
  • Richard Bazley (Hercules parents - Hercules): Lead Animator for Drix

    Voice Talent:

  • Chris Rock...................Osmosis Jones
  • David Hyde Pierce........Drix
  • Lawrence Fishburne......The Virus
  • William Shatner...........Mayor Phlegm
  • Brandy Norman...........Leah Estrogen
  • Joel Silver....................The chief
  • “Stuttering John” Melendez...TBA
  • Carlos Alazraqui............TBA


  • Live action direction....... The Farrelly Bros
  • Bill Murray.....................Frank
  • Chris Elliot.....................TBA
  • Molly Shannon...............TBA

Today’s Tips:

Aug 9, 2000
Tip by = Anne
Movie Tip = I just spent the day on the movie set of Osmosis Jones at 13 Oak Street in Plymouth, Mass. One new piece of information we received today is that Frank (Bill Murray) is the Zoo Keeper at Gorilla World, not a construction worker. The filming at the zoo is tomorrow August 1, 2000 at the John Jenny Grist Mill in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The sets are all up with monkey cages, and other zoo scenes. Animals arrived today including elephants, monkeys, wild birds,camels and giraffes. It has been so exciting to be a resident of Plymouth and have this movie being filmed in our town.

Tip by = Shortdrummerboy
Movie Tip = This movie will be a part live action and part animated movie. The movie starts out with live action. Frank(rumored to be played by Bill Murray)gets sick. This all takes place in the real world, while all of the adventures inside of him are animated.

Tip by = Possum
Movie Tip = I frequently hike at the Blue Hills, in Milton, MA. On one of my usual hikes, I noticed some filming taking place at the Blue Hills Trailside Museum, on August 8,2000, around 6:00pm. They were going to be there till 10:30pm.

More Tips:

(February 2, 2000) We thank one of our newer tipsters, “OJ,” for providing Animation Artist readers with some helpful information for the Crew, Animator and Voice talent areas above. In addition, “OJ” says that Osmosis Jones is being written for a “PG” rating, i.e. like The Iron Giant. “OJ” also says that the famous voice of the Taco Bell chihuahua, Carlos Alazraqui, is also providing his voice talents for Osmosis Jones.

(February 12, 2000) The above poster image was submitted by “The Animation Ranger.”

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