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Final Fantasy


Opens: 2001

Company: Columbia Pictures

MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated

Description: All the stops are being pulled out for Final Fantasy: The Movie, which will be 100% 3D computer animation. Square Soft´s Hawaiian studio is working on the animation project, using advanced animation software for photorealistic characters. The movie takes place in the year 2065 when an alien race tries to take over Earth. The movie is completely computer animated and is based very loosely on the popular Final Fantasy video games. Both Final Fantasy: The Movie and Vortex have a lot to gain by being the first out the door as it will establish one of these two films as the first ever full 3D action adventure for an older audience.

Voice Talent:

  • Alec Baldwin - Grey
  • Ming-Na Wen - Aki
  • Ving Rhames - Ryan
  • James Woods - General Hein
  • Steve Buscemi - Neil
  • Donald Sutherland - Dr. Cid
  • Peri Gilpin - Jane

    Crew Talent:

  • Jeff Vintar, Al Reinert & Jack Fletcher - Screenwriters
  • Hironobu Sakaguchi - Director
  • Jun Aida & Christopher Lee - Producers
  • Andy Jones - Animation Director
  • Motonori Sakakibara - Director of Photography
  • Tani Kunitake - Staging Director
  • Kevin Bjorke - Lighting Supervisor

Official Site

Today's Tips:

Oct 3 , 2000
Tip by = PSM Final Fantasy Gamer
Movie Tip = The voice recording for this movie is currently being done in Los-Angles and is under the helm of Jack Fletcher, who worked on "Kiki's Delivery Service" and "Black Mask". The animation is is under the direction of, the president of the Honolulu office, Hironobu Sakaguchi. The story creation was by him as well, with the help of writer Al Reinert. Some of his credits are "Apollo 13; The HBO Special", "From the Earth to the Moon", and "For All Mankind" ("For All Mankind" was about the Apollo missions). Some believe this movie may have a lunar aspect due to Al Reinert, since he writes so much on the moon. The script is by Jeff Vitntar, who is also reported to be working on an "Iron Man" movie.

Tip by = setzer2000
Movie Tip = Final Fantasy will contain no character references, like Squall, or any character names from any previous games, besides professer Cid, who will be the voice talent of Donald Sutherland. Also, there will be no chocobos, moogles or moombas or anything of that matter. The main character is Gray, he rides a hoverbike and causes havoc.

Tip by = Brandon
Movie Tip = Apart from an alien invasion, this movie's plot also involves people finding a way to use human souls as a form of energy.

Tip by = Jim aka Fantasy picture guru
Movie Tip = Lots of stuff here! The story for Final fantasy: the movie was originally created by Hinrobu Sakaguchi, and then written into screeplay form by he and Al Reinert (Apollo 13). However the script was rewritten by Jeff Vintar (Iron Man) to it's current form, which impressed quite a bit of people, including all of the current voice actors. Speaking of voice actors, here's the list of who they play (about time)

Aki - Ming Na Wen
Grey - Alec Baldwin
Dr. Sid - Donald Sutherland
General Hein - James Woods
Ryan - Ving Rhames
Neil - Steve Buscemi
Jane - Peri Gilpin

Grey, Ryan, Neil and Jane are all part of a special combat unit known as Deep Eyes. Some additional characters will be voiced by Dwight Schultz (Lt. Barclay on Star Trek: Next Generation). All of this information, along with the huge amounts of video you can find at the official site can give someone a fairly good idea of some of the scenes (Deep Eyes lands on Earth and searches around for something.) Also, I've heard that a major part of the movie will be discovering the truth about what the "aliens" really are. The officials at Sony were shown a 10 minute segment of the movie and were blown away, to a point where there is already discussions about Final Fantasy 2!!! It appears that this movie, Final Fantasy, is going to change everything. Visuals, sound, voice talent, story... it seems to have heaps of quality in each.

It is rumored (almost confirmed) that Aki Ross is inficted with an alien parasite, and the other characters question her loyalty to the human race. People who have seen the trailer at the Yoshitaka Amano art tour says that she says "So you think I'm a spy?", which proves that she could be working for the aliens. Also, people have said that the aliens look a bit like the Protoss from the PC game Starcraft. Another rumor is that Grey, Ryan, Neil, and Jane, are all part of a special combat unit called Deep Eyes. My guess is that they at one point go to earth and get into some sort of battle, as seen from the videos from

An awesome 53 second trailer is open at the following location:

More Tips:

(December 20, 1998) “Fantasy Tipster” tells us that the Final Fantasy script recently underwent major changes to strengthen the storyline, which mainly takes place on Earth.

(February 8, 1999) Animation Artist magazine has added an image (from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin newspaper) at the top of the page that shows the awesome realism of the character drawings. An article in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin stated, in part, “The characters are fully computer generated, nothing is scanned off a human. They are developed from original graphic designs...For the last 19 months, Square USA has occupied the top floors of Harbor Court, first renting two floors, then four, and now plans to rent two more. The Honolulu studio, which specializes in film and game production, employs 250 people -- 150 are working on the Final Fantasy film. The studio is equipped with more than $10 million in state-of the-art computer graphics equipment. Every desk top has a Silicon Graphics Octane work station, the creme de la creme for CG animators.”

(July 22, 1999) Here’s a couple of images from Final Fantasy: The Movie! Our thanks to “Fantasy Picture Guru” for sending these our way.

(July 22, 1999) We’ve added a “Voice Talent” and “Crew Talent” section just under the description (above) with voices from the movies. Our thanks to the six alert readers who helped contribute to this list.

(July 22, 1999) “The Accountant” reports that Final Fantasy: The Movie is costing $75 million to make. Animation Artist magazine has confirmed figures close to that amount.

(July 22, 1999) “Fantasy Picture Guru” speaks of some futuristic laser battle sequences and mortorcycle chases appearing in the film.

(July 22, 1999) Here’s an interesting note from “Fantasy Thoughts”: “Since this film is based on the popular video games in Japan, there has been an argument wheter or not we will recieve the film first. However, since this film has an English based cast, Japan will have to settle for the dubbed version. Now this is a first!” (July 27, 1999) “Fantasy Picture Guru” has come through again with another picture that could be a preparation for battle.

(February 2, 2000) “I just thought a little comparison was in order. Here is a screen shot of the characters in the original final fantasy game. Keep in mind it was created around the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). If compared to the new movie screen shots, one can better appreciate the advance in computer graphics over the last 12 years.” - JM

(June 19, 2000) The official Final Fantasy movie website opened months ago and the mini trailers get replaced each week and month... an archive of these can be found at ~ Dan

(June 19, 2000) “Word has it that Ming Na is the main character (only a rumor)” ~DragonLord

(Aug 9, 2000)
Tip by = Liberi F.
Movie Tip = If you ever see this movie in full, be sure to attempt to recognize some of the scenery, because from what I saw in a preview that they are actually situated on the final Fantasy VII world.( There are a few places that you should remember, like midger when it's covered with foilidge.)

(Aug 9, 2000)
Tip by = Fantasizer
Movie Tip =According to Entertainment Weekly magazine, Donald Sutherland will be playing the voice of Dr. Cid.”.

(Aug 9, 2000)
Tip by = Strider
Movie Tip = Alec Baldwin, voice of 'Grey', Ming-Na Wen, voice of 'Aki', Ving Rhames, voince of 'Ryan', Steve Buscemi, voice of 'Neil', Donald Sutherland, voice of 'Dr. Sid'.


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