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Opens: In 2002

Company: The European Animation Group Wolfmill Entertainment & Sceneries International

MPAA Rating: TBA

Description: This animated fantasy adventure is based on the popular graphic novels, ElfQuest. The story is about Cutter,a young chief of a tribe of wolf-riding warrior elves. After his tribe is burned out of their homes, he leads his tribe across their world to find other elves and unite with them against their common enemies. During his quest, Cutter meets Leetah and falls in love with her, issueing the jealous wrath of her magician suitor Rayek. For revenge, Rayek teams up with an evil sorceress, Winnowill, who wishes the destruction of Cutter and all his kind.

Crew Talent:

  • Screenplay -------------- Marv Wolfman, Craig Miller, & Wendy Pini
  • Original Characters by --- Richard & Wendy Pini
  • Animation --------------- Trixter




(March 28, 2000) Elfquest is a wonderful series with beautiful artwork drawn by Wendy Pini. From what I understand, Wendy has been working hard on the art for this film. I know it will be a beautiful film with a beautiful storyline! ~ Tip by JenS

(March 28, 2000) “You have made a BIG BIG mistake with your discription of the Elfquest movie! Cutter first doesn't fall in love with Leetah, and she doesn't fall in love with him: They RECOGNIZE! Later, when they have become lifemates, the recognitian makes place for love. Rayek is jealous because every elf in his village wanted to recognise Leetah. Especially he. After he lost the trial against Cutter, they both became eachothers worsed enemys.” ~Tip by WindSailor

(April 24, 2000) “In response to ‘WindSailor's’ tip: Unfortunately, you may be incorrect. The description of the plot may be entirely accurate for the *movie*. It's way off for the series, but, judging by WaRP Graphics' previous sorry attempts at doing the graphic novel series justice, they could very well have simplified the plot to make the movie more appealing to the mass market. These people are very shrewd business dealers. They're after money, and will sacrifice the grace of the original plotline to get it. Sad, isn't it?

My tip: If you're a fan of the original ElfQuest, shop before you buy. Be sure you see as many previews of this movie as you can before paying to see it in the theater. Better yet, wait until the movie is out on video rental. It may not be worth the high theater prices. It will definitely not be up to the standards of the original four books of ElfQuest (before Father Tree Press). Nothing will ever compare to their beauty. (My compliments to Wendy for a job well done in those days, before the accompanying artists came into the picture.)

I could go into more intricacies of the plot that WindSailor missed, but you'd enjoy the original graphic novel series more than my summary, I'm sure. The series was beautifully done. Though expensive, the books were--and *are*--worth every penny, especially Books I - IV of the original, pre-Father Tree Press series. (I apologize, but I can't remember the publisher's name right now.)” ~ Tip by Darkwood

(April 24, 2000) From what I have heard, the movie will be loosely based on the comic series. The graphic novels 1-8 will be condensed into the plot for the film, but the movie will focus mainly on the romance between Leetah and Cutter, and the rivalry between Cutter and Rayek. As far as I know, no voices have as yet been cast for the film. However, a good source to go to for further information regarding the movie is , the official site for the comic books. The site has continual updates as more information about the movie is released. ~ Tip by Stormlight


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