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Atlantis: The Lost Empire


Atlantis Opens: 2001

Company: Walt Disney Animation

MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated (“PG” expected)

Description: Atlantis is the story of modern-day explorers from different races going in search of the lost city of Atlantis, knowing that hundreds before them have failed. Finding the city won´t be the toughest part of their journey, however.

Today’s Tips:
Sept 26, 2000

Tip by = Denny
Movie Tip = Ron Husband, supervising animator for Djali the goat in "Hunchback of Notre Dame" and the Elf in the 'Firebird Suite' of "Fantasia 2000" will be animating the submarine's medic, Joshua Sweets.

Tip by = Louis
Movie Tip = Parade, the Sunday feature magazine appearing in many papers had an interview with James Garner (concerning the "God, the Devil and Bob") several months ago in which he said he had signed to do voice work for Disney for Atlantis, but that they wouldn't need him for about a year.

Tip by = Stella
Movie Tip = James Gardner will be the voice of the villain, I don't recall the character's name, but Mike Surrey will be animating him, so it should look pretty sweet!

Tip by = Mr. Boy
Movie Tip = The Trailer is Online!

More Tips: (January 28, 1999) “The Insider” tells Animation Artist magazine that Atlantis may beat Kingdom of the Sun to marketplace because of numerous production problems with Kingdom of the Sun. “Some intense discussions over Kingdom of the Sun could force the release date of Atlantis to be pushed up,” says “The Insider.”

(January 28, 1999) “Epic” tells Animation Artist magazine that Disney is taking a very serious tone with Atlantis. So much, in fact, that there may not be any songs in the movie.

(February 3, 2000) “Cory” tells Animation Artist magazine that Michael J. Fox and Claudia Singer are confirmed as major cast members. The movie will be a mixture of traditional animation and computer animation, with most of the computer animation being applied to objects like ships. Apparently there will be another race (alien? human?) in the movie.

(February 3, 2000) “K” tells Animation Artist that in addition to Michael J. Fox (playing the part of Milo Thatcher), Mark Hammill, Claudia Christian, and Jim Varney will be a part of the voice cast.

(March 28, 2000) “Well, they aren't gonna get Jim Varney to be a voice actor because the actor has died of cancer. He will be missed.” ~ Tip by Hotaru

(April 24, 2000) Mike Mignola, the artist and writer of the comic Hellboy, is said to be the consulting on the films style. Disney will be emulating Mignola's style, but in their "Disney-ized" (Mike's words) way.” ~ Tip by “B”

(June 19, 2000) Great news regarding its music: based on the strength of his work for "Dinosaur", James Newton Howard has been enlisted to compose the score for "Atlantis". YIPEE! ~Igger

Aug 9, 2000
Tip by = Jim
Movie Tip = The trailer and background story are now posted on the Disney web site:

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