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Thursday July 27, 2000

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Welcome to Animation Artist Magazine's SIGGRAPH Live updates.
We will be updating this section live from the SIGGRAPH show floor from July 25 - July 27. The updates are taking place from the Digital Media Net SIGGRAPH booth (# 2545). The most current updates will always appear first.

In the right hand column we have placed links to the latest news and multimedia files relating to SIGGRAPH 2000. Enjoy the updates and be sure to hit the refresh button on your browser for the latest updates!

Newsletter Wrap-Up on Saturday
(final update from show floor - 1:00PM)
SIGGRAPH is concluding this afternoon as the Animation Artist team boards a plane to return to Santa Barbara, California. On Saturday, Animation Artist Magazine will send out a special edition of its newsletter with a final wrap up of the show events. Be sure you are subscribed to the Animation Artist Newsletter by clicking here . In addition Animation Artist Magazine will be posting more pictures for the Friday and Saturday updates.

Animation Stand Prices Slashed for Great Market Share
(final update from show floor - 1:00PM)
Animation Stand has suddenly become available to the masses. Once a system that cost $6,000, Linker Systems has slashed the price of its Animation Stand Professional product to only $595.

"We are on the verge of an explosion of new broadcast media outlets," says Toni M. Poper, President of Linker Systems. In speaking with Animation Artist Magazine, Linker Systems says that sales of its product have dramatically increased since lowering the price. Poper says that the continuing goal with Animation Stand is to "empower studios, no matter what their size, with the ability to create professional quality animation and special effects."

In about three weeks we'll be uploading and interview with Animation Stand representatives..

Discreet Displays Character Studio 3
(Updated 10:30AM)

From its large booth at SIGGRAPH, Discreet is showing off several applications including a new revision of 3D Studio Max and Character Studio 3. The new revision of 3D Studio Max features a new IK architecture (including several plug-ins called IK solvers), weighted constraints, and custom manipulators. Character Studio 3.0 was looking sharp as the program continues to grow in its character refinement and building tools. Character Studio 3.0 is a plug-in that works with 3D Studio Max. A new set of tools from Discreet are being broken in by Mainframe on its upcoming Gulliver Travels animated adventure. Character Studio contains a rich set of tools aimed at behavioral animation, motion capture, free form animation, and footstep animation with the end result of characters being able to have their own abilities and attributes.

Square Pictures Shows Final Fantasy Footage
Updated 10:30 AM

From its booth at SIGGRAPH, Square Pictures is showing the same Final Fantasy trailer that is available from its Website. In addition, Square Pictures is showing one short scene that is being rendered in real time by Sony's GScube system. Using a Playstation control, you can stop the scene and change your viewpoint, lighting, etc. The scene shows the main female character opening her eyes, releasing herself from a chair and floating to a window in her room to look out at Earth.

Wacom Draw on Screen Tablets Impressive at SIGGRAPH

Here are pictures of Wacom's new PL500 product line which show you what you're drawing on the tablet:





Picture of the Day...

Sun's dolphin
At the Sun Microsystems booth they are displaying a dolphin located in a small aquarium. Quite a few SIGGRAPH visitors have been voiceing their dismay that Sun would keep a dolphin in a small tank (barely bigger than it) until they find out that the dolphin (which plays, moves, breathes, etc.) is actually mechanical and being operated by a Sun representative.

Note the wires in the bottom right corner.

Animo Inkworks
Providing Cartoon
Cel Look for 3D StudioMAX & Maya

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