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October 29, 1999

New "Princess Mononoke" Website Unveiled by Animation Artist Magazine

(Santa Barbara) Animation Artist Online Magazine (www.animationartist.com ) announced today the opening of a Website dedicated to the anime movie "Princess Mononoke," which is now playing in select theaters across the U.S. The Animation Artist Princess Mononoke Movie Site features news, reviews, a gallery, artist information, an FAQ, and the movie trailer.

"We're pleased to offer this Website as a dedication to the superb anime by master artist Hayao Miyazaki," says Vicki Tracy, editor of Animation Artist Magazine. "A lot of hours have gone into the creation of this Princess Mononoke Website and we look forward to adding many new features in the coming days."

"Princess Mononoke," distributed in the U.S. by Miramax, is a Japanese anime movie that holds second place, just below "Titanic," in Japan's all time best Box Office performance record book. It also won Japan's Best Picture award, which is the equivalent of the Academy Awards Best Picture Oscar in the United States.  Disney obtained the rights to distribute Princess Mononoke and handed it over to its subsidiary, Miramax, due to the film's PG-13 rating. The film was professionally dubbed in English, using the voice talent of Claire Danes, Billy Crudup, Minnie Driver, Billy Bob Thornton, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Gillian Anderson.

The Animation Artist Princess Mononoke Movie Site features dozens of pages of information, images, facts, answers, reviews and the official movie trailer presented on a "Princess Mononoke" background. Readers are allowed to submit their "Princess Mononoke" reviews for republishing on the Website.  You can access the Animation Artist Princess Mononoke Website by visiting http://www.animationartist.com/mononoke/.

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