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  • Animation Trivia
    Test your knowledge at the Animation Artist Trivia Booth, and see how many animation questions out of 15 you get right!
  • Painter
    Paint online using the Animation Artist Painter!
  • Colorbook
    Remember how fun it was to color those cute images in coloring books? Now in Animation Artist Playland you have five images to choose from to color in real-time!
  • Wordsearch
    The letters are all scrambled, but many animation words are hidden within the puzzle. Can you find them all? Words may be up, down, backwards, or diagonal. Good luck!



  • Flozoids
    Dodge the Flozoids! Move your cursor and watch them chase you!
  • Ripples
    Touch your cursor on the image and make realistic ripples in the water!
  • Cartoon Dance
    You’ve seen the hamster dance - now come take a look at our very own cartoon dance!

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